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rVue Launches rVue Direct – Expansion of Direct Response Introduces Multiple Revenue Share & Content

rVue, Inc., a subsidiary of rVue Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: RVUE), announced today the launch of rVue Direct, a division which leverages the company’s wide reach and digital distribution capabilities to digital billboards and signage in the Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising market to provide its network partners with new revenue opportunities. Through this venture, rVue’s network partners can access a selection of interactive content to choose from direct response products, music content, public service announcements and real-time, location-based coupons and featured offers.

The company has developed an online portal, dubbed the Content Hub, by which rVue’s Digital Out-of-Home network partners can login and select the content they would like to run on their network. The interactive content within rVue Direct’s Content Hub features toll free 800 numbers and embedded QR codes to entice consumers on the go to purchase. rVue Direct’s technology integrates machine-readable Quick Response (QR) codes into DOOH advertising media that can be easily scanned by smartphones and other connected devices to purchase the advertised product or service in real time. With the launch of rVue Direct, rVue and its DOOH network partners will share in the revenue generated from each product or service inquiry made through the platform. This provides a new revenue opportunity for rVue and the company’s network partners in addition to the advertising revenue generated through rVue’s demand-side platform (DSP).

“rVue Direct represents a significant evolution of the rVue DOOH platform. We have taken the underlying technology of the rVue demand side platform and expanded it to create new revenue share opportunities with our network partners,” said Jason Kates, Chief Executive Officer and President of rVue, Inc. “We believe we are just beginning to harness the capabilities of our core technology and that rVue Direct is just one of many new revenue opportunities we expect to leverage as we continue to advance our platform.”

“Our marketing team had been researching and was attracted to place-based media because of its proximity to consumers out of home but found it challenging to manage due to fragmentation. That is no longer the case with rVue Direct. rVue Direct and their network partners have enabled us with a new avenue to reach our customer vertical,” said Michele Quinlan, Director of Sales and Marketing for Global Infomercial Services. “We see substantial opportunities to leverage rVue’s reach across DOOH to generate sales beyond our traditional channels.”

Within the rVue demand side platform, advertisers can research and create and purchase media plans across a diverse group of participating digital networks to deliver over 160 million daily impressions. rVue’s DSP enables advertisers to quickly and easily target, plan, buy, manage and analyze DOOH and place-based advertising media, and it has unrivalled capability for delivering the right advertising message to the right audience with pinpoint accuracy, creating substantial opportunities for the DOOH and advertising industries. This Thursday, August 25th, rVue is hosting a direct response webinar for its Network Partners at 2pm ET “rVue Direct: Multiple Roads to Revenue.”  To register, visit http://bit.ly/qTrnM3.

About rVue:

rVue, Inc. is an advertising technology company which has developed and operates an integrated advertising exchange and digital distribution platform for the Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) industry. Through the rVue platform, advertisers have the ability to reach more than 160 million daily impressions in digital out of home media. rVue’s technology is designed to empower its network and advertising partners with intelligent and scalable solutions that provide ROI and accelerate the adoption of rich digital media. For more information, please visit www.rvue.com.

Source: rVue, Inc.

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