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Vital Media aims for motorcycle dealer DOOH

Digital signage firm Vital Media announced that it has launched website updates that include a new page aimed specifically at motorcycle retailers and dealerships.

The motorcycle page informs industry brands how digital signage will help them keep their brand ahead of the pack in crowded showrooms, the company said, and it also explains how digital signage provides tight alignment with core brand messaging, ensuring that consumers get the same experience in retail as in other channels.

Vital Media’s website updates feature informative pages for each of their vertical markets, including motorcycle, automotive aftermarket, powersports, outdoor power equipment and advertising agencies. Each page has a demo video of content for digital signage in that market, giving visitors a taste of Vital Media’s work.

“We are reaching out to our vertical markets, like motorcycle retailers and dealerships, and giving them information tailored to their industry up front when they visit our site,” says Chris Beatty, business development manager, Vital Media. “Our new pages not only describe our capabilities for our vertical markets, but show them with samples of content for digital signage programs in their industry.”

Vital Media offers co-op and franchise programs that allow brands and their retailers to take advantage of digital signage. Highly-valued, effective and easily administered, Vital Media’s programs are tailored for the independent retail channel.

Source: Vital Media

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