Monday, May 20, 2024

Digikast Launches HOTELKAST Digital Advertising Network in Louisiana

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Digikast, a pioneering provider of captive media solutions, proudly introduces HOTELKAST, its latest digital advertising network initiative, now operational in Lake Charles, Louisiana. This innovative network aims to revolutionize local business advertising by utilizing digital displays located in the lobbies of over twenty hotels in the region.

Since 2008, Digikast has been at the forefront of digital advertising in Lake Charles, having started with impactful placements at the Lake Charles Regional Airport. The success there paved the way for HOTELKAST, which extends the reach of digital advertisements to a key demographic—tourists and business travelers staying in local hotels.

John Condos, CEO of Digikast, expressed his enthusiasm about the expansion, noting that this strategic move builds on the positive response received from airport advertisers. By capturing the attention of guests right in their hotels, Digikast aims to significantly boost visibility for local businesses throughout the area.

HOTELKAST is the first digital, location-based media network of its kind in Southwest Louisiana, encompassing Lake Charles as well as nearby Sulphur and Iowa. The network provides a dynamic platform for promoting local eateries, attractions, and retailers, directly to those most likely to be interested—the area’s visitors.

Victor Wukovits, Director of Operations at Digikast, highlighted the system’s benefits for local restaurants, suggesting that the engaging visual displays in hotel lobbies provide an unprecedented way to attract dining patrons. “With HOTELKAST, guests can virtually experience the ambiance and offerings of a restaurant, which can powerfully influence their dining choices,” he explained.

The impact of HOTELKAST has already been felt at local hotels such as the LaQuinta Inn & Suites in Lake Charles. Jiten Zavari, the hotel’s owner, noted that the digital display has become a focal point in the lobby, offering guests insights into local activities and dining options, enhancing their stay experience.

Additionally, HOTELKAST supports local dining venues by enabling promotions and discounts directly through referrals from hotel staff. Darren Martel, owner of popular local Mexican eateries Casa Mañana and Que Pasa Taqueria, praised HOTELKAST for its role in driving customer traffic, particularly benefiting from the promotional discounts offered to hotel guests who view the advertisements.

Based in Lake Charles, Digikast continues to lead in delivering effective advertising solutions designed for captive audiences, with a growing network that now spans multiple high-traffic venues including airports, hotels, and fitness centers across Southwest Louisiana.

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