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AMX Forms Network Media Group

As Demand for Audiovisual Content over IP Networks Flourishes, AMX Builds Team Focused on Furthering Its Network-Centric AV Solutions

AMX®, the leading provider of solutions that simplify the implementation, maintenance, and use of technology to create effective environments, today announced the creation of a Network Media Group to advance its line of IP-based media distribution and control solutions. AMX has garnered much praise from industry experts and press recently with its network-centric solutions that integrate AV and IT. With the formation of this team, the company further cements its commitment to this growing trend.

The mission of this newly formed group is to understand the unique requirements of a fully IT compatible AV solution and adapt existing products and develop new products necessary to meet these requirements. At the outset, the Network Media Group will span the U.S. and U.K and bring together teams responsible for current AMX IP-media product families including, Vision2 IPTV systems, the Inspired Signage line and the Television Distribution System (TDS).

This team will focus on enhancing the capabilities of these lines for AV control, media management and distribution over IP networks, specifically pertaining to live and on-demand streaming of video, music and multimedia content, television content and digital signage content.

“Without question the marketplace is moving to the IP network as the network of choice for audiovisual content,” said AMX President and CEO Rashid Skaf. “AMX’s leading-edge IP-based AV distribution technology is engineered for optimal performance in IT frameworks – making the integration of these solutions in commercial environments the easiest and most effective for IT managers to introduce. The objective of the Network Media Group is to continue to push this technology, developing the next generation IP-based solutions, ensuring our dealers are equipped with the best solutions available.”

With AMX’s Vision2, Inspired Signage and Television Distribution System a company can significantly improve communication within their organization by using their existing network infrastructure to stream live announcements from company officials corporate-wide, distribute and manage digital signage content, incorporate television content within their signage and even create their own corporate video channel.

As these solutions are built for IT networks, they are scalable for future growth and allow remote management via the network as well as from a PC, touch panel or keypad. To learn more about the Vision2, Inspired Signage and Television Distribution System from AMX, please visit www.amx.com.

About AMX
AMX hardware and software solutions simplify the implementation, maintenance, and use of technology to create effective environments. With the increasing number of technologies and operating platforms at work and home, AMX solves the complexity of managing this technology with reliable, consistent and scalable systems. Our award-winning products span control and automation, system-wide switching and audio/video signal distribution, digital signage and technology management. They are implemented worldwide in conference rooms, homes, classrooms, network operation / command centers, hotels, entertainment venues, broadcast facilities, among others.

AMX was founded in 1982 and is a member of the Duchossois Group of Companies. For more information, visit www.amx.com.

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