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JCDecaux Airport sells first ‘spot’ advertising on TV screens on Heathrow Express trains

JCDecaux Transperfect HexTVJCDecaux Airport has sold the first ‘spot’ advertising on the Digital Onboard Panels (DOPs) on Heathrow Express trains. TransPerfect, the global language-services company has commissioned a 30-second ad that will run in between Sky News’ content on TV screens on the trains.

Spot advertising on the Heathrow Express trains delivers the opportunity for brands to run full-motion ads complete with sound, reaching a captive audience during their 15 minute journey between Paddington and Heathrow terminals. TransPerfect’s advertising will run before Sky News content on the outbound journey and after Sky News on the return.

Booked direct with JCDecaux Airport, TransPerfect’s branding campaign will run until October 2011, highlighting the diversity of services offered by TransPerfect, from translation and transcription to multicultural marketing and litigation support.

This is TransPerfect’s first Outdoor advertising in the UK and follows a digital Outdoor campaign in New York.

“TransPerfect offers a broad spectrum of business services, from translation to interpretation to legal support,” said TransPerfect co-CEO Liz Elting. “HEX TV is a perfect forum in which to reach diverse business travelers who might have the need for many of our services.”

Steve Cox, Marketing Director of JCDecaux Airport said, “The Digital Onboard Panels reach a captive, premium audience with Sky News’ content driving passenger engagement with the creative executions. This model has been proven to work with Sky’s content on Transvision screens in rail termini.  As TransPerfect’s campaign illustrates, advertisers can run detailed messages, with motion and sound, benefitting from the long-dwell times in this unique environment.”

With 5.3 million passengers per year* and with a 96% ABC1 profile*, Heathrow Express delivers an exclusive, desirable and traditionally hard to reach audience. Sky News content includes breaking news, news reports, weather, stock market reports and selected Sky channel content.

*Heathrow Express figures 2010

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