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QA Graphics Introduces Digital Menu Board Design Services

QA Graphics Digital Menu BoardQA Graphics is pleased to announce that they are now providing the restaurant industry with design services for digital menu boards.

QA Graphics has expanded their capabilities to provide digital menu boards for restaurants, quick serve restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, retail outlets and others.   Digital menu boards are on the rise and QA Graphics’ solutions can help improve the customer experience, by bringing any menu to life with attention-grabbing graphics and dynamic content.

The company already provides a variety of interactive design solutions for the restaurant industry, so expanding their capabilities to offer digital menu boards was a natural progression.  Past projects include providing their award-winning Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard® for the third and fourth LEED-certified McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S.  The Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard is a 3D display used to help educate the public about energy efficiency and a building’s sustainable efforts.  These McDonald’s restaurants are privately owned franchises and worked with QA Graphics to develop the solution to display in their restaurant lobby to educate customers on why their restaurant is sustainable.

QA Graphics can provide static digital signage, drive-through displays and interactive applications for use on kiosks in high-traffic areas.    Their digital menu boards are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and can ensure brand continuity across multiple locations.    This allows companies to reduce printing costs, schedule commercials and specials, and utilize day parting to change between a.m. and p.m. menus.   And with the FDA’s impending legislation requiring the display of nutritional information, QA Graphics can help restaurants comply with menu labeling laws. They can create an effective menu display that also informs customers about nutritional details.

“For companies who haven’t switched to digital signage yet, now is an opportune time with the pending menu labeling laws,” said Dan McCarty, president of QA Graphics.  “Our solutions allow for updates to easily be made to menu items or nutritional information, reducing the waiting time and costs that would be associated with traditional print signage.”

QA Graphics’ digital menu display boards can feature:
• Menu items/prices
• Promotions/specials
• Nutritional information
• Day parting capabilities
• Advertisements
• Entertainment
• News feeds
• Weather forecast
• Company information
• Sustainable initiatives
• Other solutions

Whether the goal is to make the transition from print signage, or comply with menu labeling requirements, QA Graphics can create a custom solution for any business, large or small.   The menu boards are developed with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS), so menu items, nutrition details, prices and specials can be updated from one central location ― with the updates quickly reflected at multiple locations.

QA Graphics offers their digital menu boards as a product that the customer can fully control with no recurring fees; the company will also host the solution and perform content updates if preferred.   They also offer a variety of commercial LCDs, touchscreens and interactive kiosks to provide a turnkey solution.  To learn more, visit http://www.qagraphics.com/interactive-development/menu-boards or contact QA Graphics at 515.965.3403.

About QA Graphics
QA Graphics is an interactive graphic design company specializing in graphical user interfaces, interactive design, 3D design and animation, interactive content and other multimedia solutions.  The company is also a leader in providing creative solutions for the building automation and green building industries, providing graphic outsourcing services and 3D displays to help educate the public about energy efficiency and a building’s sustainable efforts.

Sarah Erdman, Marketing Director
serdman [at] qagraphics.com

Source: QA Graphics

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