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Japan’s Retail Transformation: The Rise of Digital Signage in Advertising

CARTA HOLDINGS Report: Surge in Digital Signage Revolutionizes Japanese Retail

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Tokyo, Japan – A recent market study by CARTA HOLDINGS, in partnership with Digital Infact, projects a robust expansion in Japan’s digital signage advertising market, with a special focus on the retail sector’s dynamic role. The market is expected to grow from 80.1 billion yen (approximately 600 million USD) in 2023 to 139.6 billion yen (about 1.05 billion USD) by 2027, a 174% increase.

A key driver of this growth is the Japanese retail sector, especially major convenience store chains, which are aggressively adopting digital signage installations. This trend marks a significant shift towards innovative advertising strategies in retail environments.

The report also emphasizes the market’s robust recovery and growth post-COVID-19, especially in areas like Shibuya, Harajuku, and Shinjuku. These districts are experiencing heightened demand for outdoor and station-based digital signage, a testament to the medium’s effectiveness in high-traffic urban settings.

Transportation continues to be a significant segment of the market, with railway and taxi vehicle ads transitioning towards standardization. However, the retail sector’s enthusiasm for digital signage is a standout feature of the market’s evolution. This enthusiasm is part of a larger trend in retail, where stores are not just places of transaction but are becoming immersive environments that enhance the consumer’s shopping journey.

The analysis further sheds light on the technological innovations driving this growth, such as programmatic advertising and the adoption of new marketplaces specializing in digital signage ad trades. These advancements are poised to streamline the advertising process, making it more efficient and targeted.

Conducted in October and November 2023, this comprehensive study provides a forward-looking perspective on Japan’s digital signage advertising industry. It combines data from various sources and includes insights from industry interviews, presenting a nuanced understanding of market dynamics.

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