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LG and Odeon Multicines Introduce World’s First 100% LED Cinema with Dolby Atmos Featuring LG Miraclass Technology

Revolutionizing Cinematic Brilliance: LG Miraclass LED at Odeon Multicines

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Madrid – LG Business Solutions, in collaboration with Odeon Multicines, proudly inaugurated a groundbreaking cinematic experience at the Gran Plaza 2 Shopping Center in Majadahonda, Spain. The latest Odeon Multicines complex now houses six state-of-the-art cinema screens equipped with the revolutionary LG Miraclass LED technology, establishing it as the world’s first 100% LED-equipped cinema with Dolby Atmos capabilities.

The cutting-edge LG Miraclass LED technology, previously introduced in February 2023, offers an immersive viewing experience with over eight million pixels and a pitch of 2.5mm. This innovative display technology provides DCI P3 color accuracy, showcasing up to 68.7 million different colors. The result is ten times the brightness, with more than eight million self-luminescent pixels, delivering unparalleled blacks and infinite contrasts.

Odeon Multicines’ new cinema screens support both 2D and 3D movies, allowing for a versatile range of cinematic experiences. The brightness of these screens can be adjusted from 48 to 300 nits, nearly ten times higher than traditional cinema projection systems.

The three larger screening rooms feature expansive 55 square meter screens with LG Miraclass 4K LED quality, accommodating between 60 and 120 seats. The additional screens cater to smaller audiences, with a capacity of up to 40 people and a screen area of 14 square meters. All screening rooms are equipped with Dolby Atmos sound capabilities for a truly immersive audio experience.

To enhance the overall moviegoer experience, LG Miraclass is complemented by LG climate solutions, Multi V, ensuring optimal comfort. The comprehensive air conditioning installation, powered by LG Business Solutions’ Multi V solution, maintains ideal conditions by controlling temperature, humidity, and air quality.

LG’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the energy-efficient design of the Multi V solution, offering a 40% improvement in performance compared to traditional rooftop equipment. This results in a significant reduction in energy consumption associated with air conditioning in large cinema spaces.

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