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Scala Debuts ‘Scala Commerce’ to Innovate Retail Technology

Scala, a leading provider of digital signage and engagement solutions, has announced the creation of Scala Commerce, a new division aimed at revolutionizing the retail, hospitality, and quick-service restaurant (QSR) industries through advanced technological solutions. This significant development was unveiled at NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show, highlighting Scala’s commitment to enhancing consumer self-service and service automation platforms.

Scala Commerce: Enhancing the Customer Experience

Based in Dayton, Ohio, Scala Commerce is poised to transform customer interactions with its state-of-the-art platforms, focusing on convenience and personalization. The key innovations of Scala Commerce include:

  • Self-Order Kiosks: These kiosks provide a streamlined, guided shopping experience, integrating loyalty programs to benefit both QSRs and retailers.
  • Self-Checkout Systems: Utilizing customer loyalty information and sensor technology, these systems aim to reduce retail theft, thereby potentially lowering prices for consumers.
  • Self-Service Kiosks: Implemented in hotels and car rentals, these kiosks aim to minimize wait times and improve service connectivity.
  • Automated Pickup: The Scala Pickup Window offers a secure and efficient way for customers to receive their orders, supporting both pickup and delivery services.
  • Artificial Intelligence with STRATACACHE’s SAINT: This technology enhances customer experiences by personalizing options based on past behavior, benefiting both consumers and operators.

Economic Impact and Employment Opportunities

The launch of Scala Commerce is not only a technological leap but also a driver for economic growth. It is expected to create numerous job opportunities at Scala’s Dayton location. Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE, emphasized Scala Commerce’s role in adapting to the evolving labor market and enhancing consumer transactions in retail.

About Scala

For over thirty years, Scala has established itself as a prominent figure in the digital signage and customer engagement arena, operating under the umbrella of the STRATACACHE family of technology companies. With the introduction of Scala Commerce, the company is expanding its expertise to enhance consumer interactions in the retail and hospitality sectors. Scala Commerce aims to make these interactions more engaging and profitable, integrating advanced features such as loyalty programs and concierge-level services, marking a significant advancement in customer service technology.

For more information Scala Retail, please visit Scala at https://www.scala.com/en/industries/digital-signage-retail/

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