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Chamber of commerce adds visual pizzazz with LED outdoor signage by Keywest Technology

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Omaha_Chamber Keywest Technologies
Omaha Chamber

The centerpiece of the new outdoor entryway to the Old Market area in downtown Omaha, NE, is a 15-foot-by-12-foot LED sign under the control of Keywest Technology’s MediaXtreme media player and MediaZone software.

Keywest Technology today has announced its digital signage hardware and software technology is being used to drive a large LED screen at the center of a new courtyard that serves as an entryway to the historic Old Market section of downtown Omaha, NE.trans

Keywest Technology’s MediaXtreme media player and MediaZone software are in use driving the display on the new 15-foot-by-12-foot Absen LED screen. Used together with a new interactive sculpture of “O! Guy” from an area artist, the outdoor digital signage display welcomes visitors and area residents to the pedestrian-friendly public green space.

Once an 81-space parking lot, the area now severs as a combination courtyard and parking plaza, which is enhanced by environmentally friendly native grasses, wildflowers and trees, tables and chairs, bicycle racks, free Wi-Fi, new lighting, a water fountain and a kiosk for use during special events.

Working from the outset with the Greater Omaha Chamber, architectural, engineering and consulting firm HDR and various other local official leaders and businesses, Keywest Technology developed a plan for the LED outdoor sign designed to welcome visitors and add a new element of excitement to the historic shopping and dining area.

“The Omaha Old Market project is noteworthy because it shows the ability of Keywest Technology to work with a range of stakeholders in a high-profile project, work with architects and others from the earliest stages of planning, and offer insight and solutions to meet their objective even as the scope and budget of project changes over time,” said Keywest Technology president Nick Nichols.

Initially, one of the main functions of the LED screen was to playback Nebraska Cornhusker football games. However, for a variety of reasons, displaying the games was set aside and the goal of welcoming visitors to the area was settled on. As the purpose and plans began to take shape, Keywest Technology consulted on the project, offering its digital signage expertise.

At the heart of the playback system driving the new LED display is the Keywest Technology MediaXtreme media player and MediaZone digital signage software. Playback schedules for the sign are created from the Greater Omaha Chamber offices.  In addition to consulting and technology, Keywest Technology provided installation, testing and training to make the project a success.

The Greater Omaha Chamber is hopeful the new courtyard and entryway will serve as a model for other city parking lots. “We want to show that creating a welcoming, inviting environment for visitors and pedestrians can co-exist with the demand for downtown parking,” said David G. Brown, president and CEO for the Greater Omaha Chamber.

About Keywest Technology

Lenexa, KS, -based Keywest Technology develops and markets a wide variety of digital signage products, including hardware, software and content development services designed to produce exceptional results. The company is also a pioneer in interactive digital signage, which couples the appeal of dynamic signage with the interactivity associated with interactive kiosks.

Source: Keywest Technology

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