Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Mediatile unveils world’s first ALL-IN-ONE Digital Signage and Kiosk

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MediaTile, a leading provider of digital signage and kiosk solutions, has introduced a groundbreaking product at the KioskCom Self Service Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new offering, named MediaTile Kiosk-in-a-Box™, Marquee Edition, integrates cellular-broadband networking and web-based management, marking a significant advancement in the industry.

The MediaTile Kiosk-in-a-Box™, Marquee Edition combines the power of digital signage with the interactive capabilities of a kiosk system, requiring only a power source for deployment. This innovative solution aims to revolutionize how retailers, brands, and corporations engage with their target audiences.

Keith Kelsen, CEO of The MediaTile Company, expressed excitement about the new product, stating, “Once again, MediaTile has introduced a revolutionary new promotional and communications solution for retailers, brands, and corporations that are interested in attracting and engaging their target audiences.”

Key features of the MediaTile Kiosk-in-a-Box™, Marquee Edition include:

  • Commercial grade, high-definition, wide-screen display available in various sizes
  • Touch screen kiosk system with optional peripherals for enhanced functionality
  • Integrated cellular-broadband networking for seamless uploading and downloading
  • Web-based control and monitoring for easy management
  • Audit trails and interactivity logging for performance tracking
  • Attractive and secure “Tusks II” stand for stability

The system is powered by the MediaTile Broadcast Portal, a hosted, web-based application that provides comprehensive control and management capabilities. With on-demand access and 24/7 monitoring, users can efficiently oversee their digital signage and kiosk network from anywhere in the world.

For more information about MediaTile and its products, visit

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