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Sony Partners with Convergent Media Systems for Dynamic Digital-Signage Rollout in U.S. Stores

Sony is revolutionizing the retail experience in its consumer stores across the United States with a major digital-signage initiative, partnering with Convergent Media Systems, a Sony Company, to integrate SpinetiX’s advanced HMP200 Hyper Media Players into their store designs. This initiative is set to transform shopping into a highly interactive and engaging experience, showcasing Sony’s array of technologies through a unified, digital platform.

The newly designed Sony stores will feature an interactive environment where customers can experience the latest Sony technologies, including 3D displays, PlayStation video-game consoles, Internet TVs, and music from Sony’s own record labels. The highlight of these stores is the ‘Bravia Wall’—a dynamic display of screens each powered by SpinetiX’s HMP200 players, which allow for content synchronization and independent display, giving customers a tailored and immersive shopping experience.

Kris Konrath, Director of Marketing at Convergent Media Systems, emphasized the unique capabilities of their digital-signage solutions, “Sony’s vision was clear; they wanted each display to be more than just a screen. Our collaboration involved creating a system where digital signage enhances the shopping environment, integrating audio and visual elements seamlessly across the store.”

The HMP200 players are instrumental in this setup, noted for their compact size, low energy consumption, and maintenance-free operation ideal for video-wall applications like the Bravia Wall. Each player is equipped with SpinetiX Fusion Software, simplifying the process of content delivery without the need for bulky, high-maintenance PC-based systems.

One of the standout features of the new store design is the ‘Digital Fact Tag’, which displays real-time information such as product features, pricing, and technical details, dynamically updated to reflect current data. Additionally, when Sony music plays, the artist’s name, song, and album title are displayed, enhancing the customer’s audio-visual experience.

Serge Konter, Marketing Manager at SpinetiX, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, “We are thrilled to collaborate with a forward-thinking company like Sony. Our technology aligns perfectly with their innovative approach to retail, and seeing our systems implemented by Convergent Media Systems in such a transformative way is incredibly rewarding.”

The success of the initial installations has led to plans for further expansion of this digital-signage system to Sony stores worldwide, promising a future where technology and retail intersect more seamlessly than ever.

For more information about SpinetiX and their products, visit their website at http://www.spinetix.com.

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