June 5, 2023


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Scala Showcases “Eco Signage Solutions” at Digital Signage Japan 2011

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A special preview of Scala Release 6 along with the first version of SignChannel for the Japanese market is the main focus of the showcase among the dozens of solutions built on the Scala digital signage platform. There is a special focus this year on eco-conscious signage solutions.

Scala, the leading provider of end-to-end software solutions for digital signage and advertising management will exhibit its newest Scala Release 6 software at Digital Signage Japan 2011 in Tokyo. Release 6, shipping this summer, is a significant update that builds on the current Scala platform of Designer, Content Manager and Player. Release 6 highlights include:

● More Video and Streaming Options:
Release 6 adds support for standard H.264 and MPEG2 streaming videos in addition to the support Scala has had for Windows Media Streaming protocols.

● Razor-Sharp HD Quality:
Capture cards such as the Datapath RGB E-1 video capture card and the BlackMagic Intensity Pro video capture card are now supported in Release 6 for capturing high-definition component video signals at 720p or 1080i, as well as unencrypted HDMI up to 1080p.

● Making Life Easier for IT:
A common requirement in larger networks is that Scala Content Manager can integrate with LDAP servers such as Microsoft’s Active Directory server. Release 6 will allow Content Manager to integrate with such established enterprise tools.

● “Raising the Bar” for dynamic visual effects:
Release 6 adds dramatic new visual enhancements for Scala content developed in Designer.

● Bridging the Communication Gap:
With this new release, Scala is introducing a new bridge server to support new non-PC players such as the SpinetiX Hyper Media Player.

For the Digital Signage Show, held for the third time this year June 8-10 2011 at the Makuhari Exhibition Hall in Chiba (Japan), the focus is still on bridging a way to recover after the catastrophic events of March 11th this year in Northern Japan. Scala, together with its partners in the booth, will introduce a new range of solutions to the Japanese market expanding the current options to include new low-power and low-cost options to power a new wave of eco-conscious signage platforms.

Various hardware and solution partners will introduce their solutions running on Scala solutions and platforms on Scala’s large (81 square metres) booth:

● HITACHI will introduce “SignChannel by Mediaspace” entirely localized for the Japanese market including content channels licensed from Yahoo Japan and Newphoria Inc., displayed on a variety of digital signage hardware from IAdea, Viewsonic and Outform including Japan’s first rechargeable-battery powered digital signage system;

● IBASE will display its new small form-factor AMD G-series dual-core powered low-power (TDP 23W) hardware: the SI-18;

● OEC will introduce a number of innovative eco-signage solutions including low-power PC systems and fully transparent LCD screens, as well as extra-low power technology from AXELL Corporation;

● CONTEC will also showcase compelling content built using Scala Designer on its latest hardware platform,

● ALPHA JAPAN will demo its latest total solutions based on the Scala software platform; and

● ITTOCAN will demonstrate their new interactive solutions including their new REACT solutions running on Scala.

Those interested in a guided visit of the Scala booth and/or personal demonstration contact Scala Japan in advance by email at info(at)scala(dot)jp.

About Scala
Driving more than 500,000 screens worldwide, Scala is a leading global provider of digital signage and advertising management solutions. Scala is the world’s first connected signage company, offering the leading platforms for content creation, management and distribution in digital signage networks and the first unified platform for advertising management of both traditional and digital signage networks. The company’s digital signage customers include Rabobank, IKEA, Burger King, T-Mobile, Virgin MegaStore, Warner Brothers, The Life Channel, Rikstoto, Repsol, NorgesGruppen, Audi, ECE Flatmedia, Kaufhof (Metro Group) and thousands more. Advertising management customers include CBS Outdoor, Clear Channel Outdoor and Newad, among others. Scala is headquartered near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and has subsidiaries in Canada, The Netherlands, France, Norway, Germany, Japan and India, as well as more than 500 partners in more than 90 countries. More information is available at http://www.scala.com.

About Digital Signage Japan (DSJ) 2011

DSJ is Japan’s only professional event, complete with a large exhibition area and a number of customer focussed seminars, focused on digital signage, the next generation platform for the distribution of information and advertisement. More information on the official website at http://www.f2ff.jp/dsj


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