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World-first Audio Experience at Danang Fireworks Festival Unveiled With Cinewav

Da Nang, Vietnam – The 2023 Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF 2023) has returned after a three-year hiatus, and it promises to be bigger and better than ever. Sun Group, the main sponsor, has partnered with Global 2000 International to introduce a groundbreaking audio experience in collaboration with Cinewav. For the first time at an international fireworks festival, spectators throughout Da Nang can enjoy high-quality synchronized audio through their smartphones, enhancing their experience of the dazzling fireworks displays.

DIFF 2023, held from June 2 to July 8, offers visitors the opportunity to download the Cinewav app and access the audio ticket for each scheduled firework event free of charge. By simply pressing ‘Play’ and using their earphones or headphones, audiences can immerse themselves in a clear and captivating soundtrack that perfectly complements the visual spectacle.

Mrs. Pham Tu Cau, Vice President and CEO at Sun Group Central Vietnam, Executive Office of Central Region, expressed her excitement about this new addition to DIFF 2023, stating, “Cinewav is a game-changer for large-scale events. It will provide visitors with a new and exhilarating experience while showcasing international talent, attracting tourists, and promoting the local economy and businesses.”

Nadia Shakira Wong, the managing director of Global 2000 International, emphasized the festival’s record-breaking fireworks designs and innovation, making DIFF 2023 a must-see event. The theme “Light Up a Borderless World” sets the stage for spectacular displays by the world’s top pyrotechnic teams, including local and international participants. Each team creates awe-inspiring fireworks choreographed to bespoke melodies and soundtracks, evoking strong emotions and wonder among the audience.

Andrew Howard, Director of Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics from Australia, described the profound impact of synchronized audio on the fireworks experience, stating, “Cinewav ensures that a broader audience can tune into the music soundtrack and enjoy the powerful music scores alongside our mesmerizing pyrotechnic displays.”

With Cinewav’s innovative technology, DIFF 2023 breaks barriers by offering a city-wide audio experience, allowing spectators to enjoy the magic of synchronized fireworks and music throughout Da Nang. The festival extends beyond the fireworks displays, featuring a range of cultural programs such as the Danang Electronic Carnival, an online beauty photo contest, M-Pack Carnival, and a street food program.

For more information about DIFF 2023 and to download the Cinewav app, please visit the festival’s official website. https://www.cinewav.com/danang_fireworks_festival/

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