Friday, September 29, 2023

signagelive launches new $10 per month virtual player with support for IAdea SMIL open standard digital signage players at ISE 2010

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Signagelive has launched the ‘signagelive virtual player,’ enabling full support for the latest low-cost SMIL open standards digital signage hardware developed by IAdea.

The signagelive virtual player enables a solution targeted at the gap in the digital signage market between the ‘lock and load’ compact flash media players and the full functionality offered by the signagelive display edition running on a PC or Display with integrated Windows PC.

Now low-cost, solid-state digital signage players and small format LCD devices can be managed remotely alongside PC devices using the signagelive platform over a standard fixed line or mobile Internet connection.

With major hardware manufacturers developing and launching SMIL devices including Advantech, Mitsubishi and Viewsonic, the range of products available for use with the signagelive virtual player is growing daily.

Signagelive enables video and still image content to be scheduled, deployed and played back on the SMIL devices including dynamically updated content from Screenfeed, Signchannel and Sky News in the U.K.

In addition, the signagelive message manager feature enables simple textual changes to preset templates to be made by multiple users contributing to the content displayed on the SMIL range of players, creating a truly dynamic digital signage solution.

To complement the support for the IAdea SMIL devices, the signagelive virtual player client (developed using Adobe Flex) can be downloaded and installed on any Windows, Mac or Linux device and will emulate a SMIL device 100 percent with playback and logging of all media.

For local sites with SMIL devices  that are installed standalone without networking, the signagelive virtual player client will enable a USB storage device to be inserted and media content to be transferred, enabling local USB update of multiple SMIL devices updating  media content and retrieval and upload of playback log files to the signagelive platform.

With a suggested End User Price of $10 per month per signagelive virtual player, the combined offering from IAdea and signagelive provides a cost-effective and scalable digital signage solution.

Signagelive will be officially launching the ‘signagelive virtual player’ at ISE 2010 on Stand #12F80.


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