Sunday, March 3, 2024

Taggify Announces Expansion into Guatemala, Enhancing Programmatic DOOH Advertising in Central America

Strategic Partnership with Grupo Vallas Paves Way for Innovative Outdoor Advertising Solutions in the Region

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Taggify, an industry leader in programmatic outdoor advertising, formally announces its expansion into the Guatemalan market. This strategic move signifies a pivotal development in Central America’s advertising landscape, introducing innovative and targeted advertising opportunities through the deployment of strategically positioned billboards and totems in key locations across Guatemala.

This expansion, facilitated through a partnership with Grupo Vallas, a renowned player in the Central American advertising sector, exemplifies Taggify’s commitment to global growth and its capability to provide advanced advertising solutions. The entry of Taggify into Guatemala provides brands with access to the company’s sophisticated DSP Platform, enabling the creation of impactful outdoor advertising campaigns specifically tailored to their target demographics.

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Argentina, Taggify has been instrumental in transforming the digital advertising sphere with its programmatic out-of-home (OOH) platform solutions. The company’s offerings include a comprehensive suite of services such as media buying, programmatic digital signage, and supply-side platforms, underpinned by advanced ad-tech solutions. Taggify’s platforms, including DSP, SSP, CMS for digital signage, and DMP, underscore its dedication to innovation in digital outdoor advertising.

The expansion into Guatemala not only underscores Taggify’s dedication to continual innovation and global outreach but also reinforces the company’s position as a facilitator for brands aiming to extend their influence on a worldwide scale. Taggify anticipates bringing its unique blend of expertise and cutting-edge advertising solutions to the Central American market, aiding brands in forging meaningful connections with their audiences.

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