September 28, 2022

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Visser Digital Media Launches CampusVisionÔ Program For Colleges and Universities

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Visser Digital Media_logoCompany’s Turnkey Network of LCD Displays Create Emergency Broadcast System Solution and Advertising Revenue Generating Opportunities for Campuses

Visser Digital Media, a premiere digital signage network and advertising solution provider, today announced thelaunch of its CampusVisionÔ Program, offering colleges and universities a robust digital signage system that enables campus-wide emergency broadcast communication as well as student communication and revenue generating advertising opportunities.

Visser provides colleges and universities with a turnkey network of LCD digital displays strategically placed in high-traffic areas on campus.  These displays create a platform for delivering real time emergency broadcasts in case of fire, natural or man-made disasters and other incidents.  The company provides the system software, hardware, equipment installation and maintenance.  The digital signage system can be managed on-site or remotely via Visser’s secure, web-based network.

“Safety administrators at educational institutions across the U.S. are challenged with communicating to their students during real time emergency situation,” said Rich Cooley, CEO and co-founder of Visser Digital Media.  “CampusVision creates a new type of communication platform that uses audible tones, flashing screens, sirens and verbal warnings on 42-inch LCD displays to deliver emergency broadcasts, and can be integrated with other campus alert systems.”

Through CampusVision, campus administrators and faculty can broadcast visual and audible real time messages to students in locations throughout their campuses including bookstores, dorms, athletic areas, student unions, cafeterias, student quads, gathering areas, and inside administrative and academic buildings.

One Safety Solution, Two Options
CampusVision is offered on a subscription basis or as part of an advertising funded program to address the different needs of both large and small institutions.

Visser’s simple subscription-based package is priced at $149 per month for each display screen in the system with no equipment to buy up-front and no hidden fees.  The subscription-based package is designed to provide community colleges and small four year colleges immediate use of a campus-wide Emergency Broadcast System, while allowing administrators the convenience of paying for the system over time.  Campuses that choose this package maintain 100 percent control of the editorial content on all display screens in the system.  College administrators have the added benefit of using the system for communicating news about campus events or programs and can defray their subscription costs by offering local advertising opportunities to the community or to students.

Visser’s advertising funded program is designed for qualifying universities with large student enrollment that have campuses which are located in top U.S. DMAs.  These schools receive installation of multiple LCD display screens at no cost to the institutions.  System equipment costs are funded through advertising revenues.  As part of Visser’s program agreement, Visser will secure retail advertisers to execute digital campaigns on digital signage systems installed on college campuses participating in the advertising funded program. “CampusVision provides the opportunity for all schools to afford a communications platform for delivering emergency broadcasts to students, which has become increasingly important to administrators as new federal requirements for these systems are being mandated,” said Cooley.

About Visser Digital Media

Visser Digital Media is a premiere digital signage network and advertising solution provider focused on the out-of-home market, headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz.  Visser partners with retailers in placing digital LCD screens in high-traffic locations throughout the U.S. and provides advertising agencies and direct ad clients with a wide array of advertising options utilizing these screens.  The company is located at 7655 E. Gelding Dr., Suite B-2, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260 and can be contacted at 602-314-2777.  For more information visit

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