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Finally, Digital Signage Content Creation and Management Made Easy

ConnectedSign, a leading integrator of Digital Signage systems, announces a major addition to their Managed Solution, a digital signage content creation and management service. The ConnectedSign Managed Solution now offers a way for anyone worldwide with digital signage content creation needs to develop and display compelling visual content for their digital signage. While the digital signage industry continues to grow, many companies are struggling after deployment, realizing the difficulties of creating captivating content. “It’s a common problem, says Katie Yanchuk, Marketing and Sales Coordinator at ConnectedSign. Whether companies are lacking the expertise or there is simply not enough time, signs are being presented that are far from their potential.

Digital signage content management has an enormous impact on the success of digital signage installations, yet often is the last portion of a digital sign project to receive attention. As a result of this demand ConnectedSign offers their expertise in content management services, helping customers to optimize their digital signage. Hoping to increase the success of digital signage projects everywhere, ConnectedSign offers this service to not only ConnectedSign customers, but to anyone with digital signage content creation and management needs, regardless of software and hardware platforms used. Backed by a committed team of experts, content changes can be made for any software platform.

Requests are submitted through multiple channels of communication, such as an email or fax directly to the ConnectedSign designers. New dynamic content is generated, including static or animated graphics, logos, and custom branded digital signage templates, and then deployed on schedule directly to the customer’s players. If you’d like more information about digital signage content creation and management, or would like to visit the Digital Signage showroom, please call ConnectedSign at 866-833-2723 or e-mail Katie at kyanchuk [at] connectedsign.com


ConnectedSign is a full service Digital Signage agency with more than 16 years of experience planning and deploying Digital Signage systems, interactive Digital Signage and kiosk networks. We provide Digital Signage software, hardware, content creation, content management and consulting services. Headquartered in Lancaster, PA. More details can be found at http://www.connectedsign.com.

Katie Yanchuk
Email: kyanchuk [at] connectedsign.com
Fax: 866-833-2723

Source: ConnectedSign

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