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Omnivex Digital Signage Hits the Red Carpet

Omnivex digital signage software used at 2011 Red Carpet Style Lounge

Omnivex Corporation, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leading provider of enterprise software for digital signage networks, will be part of this year’s Secret Room Events Style Lounge, in honor of the 2011 Golden Globe Awards, taking place in Beverly Hills, California. Omnivex, through a partnership with Send A Message Inc, will be providing a unique multi-purpose digital media kiosk for use at the Red Carpet Style Lounge, hosted by Secret Room Events, on January 14.

The event will be a place where Golden Globe nominees and presenters, celebrities, stylists and press can get “red carpet ready” through access to many new and exciting products, accessories and services from a variety of companies. The Send A Message (SAM) kiosk will provide sponsor companies and celebrities with an easy to use personal media workstation where they can quickly and easily upload photos from their digital cameras and create customized postcards in just minutes. Photos can then be printed instantly or uploaded directly to Fujifilm’s “See Here” photo website for online storage. Omnivex is providing the software platform for the kiosk’s touch screen interface and functions as the backbone management of the system. All of the content on the screens is managed through Omnivex software, including advertising content targeted to this star-studded audience.

The product concept for the SAM kiosk was created by Kristen Tsitoukis, president, Send A Message, Inc. “The need for a unique and customized photo experience in hotels and destination locations led to the development of SAM as we know it today,” said Tsitoukis. “The addition of advertising space has provided another revenue stream for our customers. SAM is continuing to evolve every day,” she concluded.

It was Omnivex value added reseller, Digisplay, who developed the user interface that houses the postcard application. “We knew that with the network and content management capabilities of Omnivex software a system like this was possible,” said Jim McNeal, president, Digisplay, LLC. “We’re able to update the interface and other content remotely and easily, and the results have been well received,” he explained.

Omnivex software made it possible to incorporate advertising space along with a touch screen interface and the ability to print the postcards, all of which were critical to the success of the system. Given the advanced functionality and network management capabilities of the Omnivex software platform it is ideal for a variety of applications. “We are seeing our software being used in new and unique ways every day,” explained Jeff Collard, president, Omnivex. “The use of digital signage is growing across all markets and this is another great example of that fact,” he concluded.

The digital media kiosk stationed in the Red Carpet Style Lounge will provide a convenient way for celebrities and other special guests to upload, print and store personal photos from the event. It will also provide sponsors at the event with a method to quickly publicize pictures of celebrities with their products. High profile stars including Jessica Simpson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Britney Spears are expected to attend.

The Golden Globe Awards are presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) to recognize outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry, both domestic and foreign, and to focus wide public attention on the best in motion pictures and television. The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards will be presented on January 16, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The Beverly Hilton Hotel uses Omnivex software to power the digital signage network throughout their facilities. The digital signage system at the hotel includes meeting room displays, lobby signage, and other screens to assist guests with facility navigation and to present important messages and information.

About Send A Message, Inc.

Send A Message, Inc. was founded with the passion and focus to be the leading hospitality service provider. Send A Message’s products improve the overall guest experience while enabling their business partners to increase the efficiency of their business operations. Send A Message products combine cutting edge technology with leading environmentally friendly components. The company’s diversity enables them to offer business strategies that achieve a variety of their partners’ business objectives, through technology solutions that generate revenue and provide enhanced value to guests. For more information, visit www.sendamessageinc.com.

About Digisplay

Digisplay, LLC is a technical integration firm, offering visual communication solutions that include developing software for interactive displays, LED billboards and LCD, plasma and LED display systems. The company specializes in bringing visual communications to life to captivate the target audience with professional design skills and technical excellence. Recognized as a leader in digital signage displays and servicing options, Digisplay offers revenue-generating results. Digisplay can help sell, inform and educate a target audience, through contextual messages that change with the pace of business. For more information, visit www.digisplay.com.

About Omnivex

Founded in 1991, Omnivex is a leader in software development for digital signage. Omnivex software is used to manage all aspects of digital signage networks, including content management, real-time data acquisition and distribution, and remote device monitoring and management. Omnivex software is used by retailers around the world to manage in-store digital signage networks. Omnivex and our customers have been recognized with numerous awards for excellence in digital signage. For more information, visit www.omnivex.com.

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