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Paul & Shark Elevates Milan Store with Advanced Digital Signage Technology

When renowned sportswear brand Paul & Shark decided it wanted an exciting, contemporary look for its entire store located in the heart of Milano, Italy’s upscale Montenapoleone shopping district, it turned to digital signage. Their cutting-edge digital signage installation is powered by NEC screens, PADS Professional software from Net Display Systems (NDS) and video extenders from Magenta Research, all of which are installed and supported by NDS partner 3G Electronics.

The digital signage screens display video content which showcases Paul & Shark’s Fall/Winter Collection to customers inside the store, as well as to those on the street outside. The entire installation consists of 18 NEC MultiSync® X461UN (46″ Ultra Narrow Bezel) monitors along with four pairs of stacked display screens in landscape format located in each window facing out, while two stacked portrait format displays are installed facing the inside of Paul & Shark. The video content is extended to each display screen utilising Cat5 cable with Magenta Research’s MutliView transmitters and recievers, ensuring crisp and clean replication of the original source material.

This complex installation is driven by nine dual output PCs (each supporting two screens), which are maintained and managed remotely by a company server. The system is controlled by NDS PADS Professional software, which allows users to easily create, plan, distribute, display and control various types of digital content. The PADS Professional software also offers the ability to insert real time data from any source into the signage loops.

Paul & Shark set out to create an iconic storefront and in store video walls in the heart of Milan’s fashion district, and its use of innovative distribution technology, with the help of dedicated technical and design teams, has allowed them to accomplish this ground-breaking task.

About Net Display Systems

Since their establishment in 1994 Net Display Systems has evolved into a recognized worldwide player for digital signage software. Developing digital signage software called PADS is their core-business. Total digital signage solutions are provided by their partners.

With an extensive partner network the company is proactive in more than 75 countries. Their partners are dedicated and specialized professionals providing installation, training and support of their products. Net Display Systems has thousands of installations in multiple market sectors from transportation, corporate and government to hospitality and retail.

One in four of the hundred world’s most recognized brands have chosen PADS as their digital signage platform.

Every day millions of people all over the world see displays running the PADS software of Net Display Systems. Installations vary from simple standalone solutions to national or global, complex and often mission critical digital signage solutions.

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