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ClariView announces the launch of a 32 and 42 inch information kiosk

ClariView Information KioskThe company differentiates between information kiosks and other digital signage displays with the biggest difference being the touch screen panel which is mounted at an angle allowing users to interact with the display with ease.

“There was a requirement for a large format information kiosk” says ClariView.

ClariView adds the information kiosk to their existing kiosk range which came in sizes of 17 and 19inch.

ClariView has also stated all kiosks have an integrated computer which gives the versatility to add applications and programs which would run on any pc.

“The displays are ideal, as they are integrated with a computer, extra peripherals can be added such as wifi,3g Internet” states ClariView

The company’s catalogue currently consists of floor standing digital posters, wall mounted displays, wall mounted displays with stand and dual screen floor standing digital posters. All of which can be viewed at www.clariview.co.uk

ClariView would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. With them looking to support the growth of the digital signage industry and continues awareness of the digital signage sector and the many companies who develop and create innovative signage solutions.

About ClariView

ClariView ltd are a company who offer a complete range of Digital Signage Solutions both touch screen and none touch screen. Our products range from wall mounted to freestanding digital advertising displays of various sizes.

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Asif Khan
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(+44) 0121 706 0136

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