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3D Eye Solutions, Inc. Signs Agreement for Exclusive 2D to 3D Conversion Rights for new Sci-Fi Television Program

Company to convert “Who Am I” series produced by Syzygy Productions

3D Eye Solutions, Inc. (OTCPK: TDEY) is pleased to announce that the Company has signed an agreement with Syzygy Productions for the exclusive 2D to 3D conversion rights for their new Science Fiction television program called “Who Am I”.  According to the agreement, 3D Eye will have the exclusive rights to convert the show for 3D broadcast television, cinema, and digital signage.  3D Eye has developed a proprietary solution that can take existing “live action” 2D content and convert it to 3D for viewing both with and without glasses.  3D Eye Solutions will also be instrumental in assisting Syzygy Productions in distributing the “Who Am I” television series, which is scheduled to begin shooting in the beginning of 2011.  The “Who Am I” pilot was recently funded through the efforts of Kickstarter.com.

“Who Am I” follows the coming of age adventures of teen hockey star Adam Kensoi and his friends as they learn what makes Adam so very different. A mysterious government agency spying on Adam’s every move knows more about Adam’s deceased father and his incredible origins than he does. Unusual things become impossible to deny when Adam realizes the color-changing crystal shard that hangs from his neck is much more than a childhood gift from his father. Warned of impending danger but driven to solve the mystery, Adam and his best friends set out to answer the question, “Who Am I?”  3D Eye and Syzygy Productions will be showing a trailer of the series in 3D both with and without glasses next month at the 2011 NATPE Convention.

“I am extremely excited that “Who Am I” will be one of the first regular scripted television series to be shown in 3D.  3D Eye Solutions has top notch technology that will enable “Who Am I” to stand above its competition,” stated Dave Andrews, CEO of Syzygy Productions.

“Converting programs like “Who Am I” for broadcasting on 3D television networks will become a bigger part of our revenue stream and business strategy during 2011,” stated Mike Gibilisco, CEO of 3D Eye Solutions, Inc.

About 3D Eye Solutions, Inc.:

3D Eye Solutions, Inc. is a service provider and integrator for the 3D Stereo and Auto-stereo media industry that covers a wide range of markets. 3D Eye Solutions, Inc. produces and processes media content for corporate, venues, and trade show events. The Company also provides turnkey systems and converts existing media to enable end users to showcase properties in multi-view format. For more information, please visit the Company’s Web site: www.3deyesolutions.com.

Source: 3D Eye Solutions

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