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Stinova adds support for W3C open Standard SMIL compatible Digital Signage Media Player

Stinova expands its Digital Media Server support for IAdea’s open architecture SMIL based digital media players. This cost efficient hardware platform closes the gap between non-networked DVD players or CF media players and full featured embedded non-PC or PC-based platforms, providing users an unrivalled price performance for a network managed digital signage installation. IAdea’s SMIL players are available from an all integrated 10” screen based SMIL device up to a Full-HD appliance that can be connected via HDMI to any sized public display.

Stinova’s Digital Media Server (DMS) is available as either a One-Time License (OTL) for those users who want to run the software on their own server network, or as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) package on a dedicated SMIL web portal at http://www.smil.digital-signage.cc. The portal offers a free of charge starter package which includes server account, content storage and a player access license. DMS Content Management Server will provide customers of SMIL media players with a straight forward and flexible way of supplying content to large and/or remotely located digital signage networks. The DMS is accessed using a web browser and provides IAdea’s customers access to simplified central management of content, playlists, users, player-grouping and scheduling.

An intuitive, content centric interface is central to Stinova’s 4th generation digital management software and includes an easy to use WYSIWYG WEB Composer allowing users to build integrated multi-media content. In addition to English, international language support is provided for German, Spanish, Italian, French, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Arabic and Simplified or Traditional Chinese, demonstrating the global appeal of Stinova’s DMS 4.

Franz Hintermayr, Managing Director of Stinova, explains: “Our partnership with IAdea provides users an open standard based and simplified Digital Signage hardware and software platform without any compromise in terms of easy to use interface as our WYSIWIG composer makes playlist creation a breeze.”

John C. Wang, CEO of IAdea adds: “We are excited to see Stinova’s commitment, as a German based Digital Signage software provider, to bolster our SMIL architecture on a world-wide scale. The intuitive software interface is a perfect match with our easy to install hardware platform and makes it highly scalable at minimum cost of ownership”.

About Stinova

Stinova Ltd. is a leading German software manufacturer of Digital Signage software solutions. Stinova offers the most intuitive CMS software technologies that power the worlds Digital Signage networks. These core technologies address all aspects of Digital Signage delivery from stand alone systems to dynamic Digital Signage Networks. Find more information about Stinova products at http://www.stinova.com.

About IAdea

Founded in 2000, IAdea is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge commercial-grade digital signage players and integrated displays. IAdea’s products feature the XML-based W3C SMIL standard, allowing system integrators to quickly customize and tailor to individual project requirements. IAdea’s device technologies power many large-scale digital signage projects, offering proven robustness and lowered total cost of ownership (TCO). Market leaders partner closely with IAdea to deliver end-to-end total solutions. With offices in Irvine, Montreal, and Taipei, IAdea offers uninterrupted product service throughout the globe. For more information visit www.IAdea.com.

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