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Scala India and ITM Ensure the Live Broadcast of the Commonwealth Games on Outdoor Screens in Delhi

Tourists and residents enjoyed a visual treat during the Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi, India. In partnership with Doordarshan, India’s public television broadcaster, and with technological support of Scala India, International Technomedia (ITM) presented live broadcasts of the Games on large format outdoor video screens installed in key commercial spots in Delhi. This marked the first time that live telecasting of the Games was outside of the sports stadiums, enabling “the common man” to view the event. ITM’s outdoor Delhi network is the largest one-city-network in the Asia-Pacific region.

The content on the ITM LED screens was powered by Scala. In an effort to enhance the viewing experience, Scala India was asked to set up a flawless live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the event on several of ITM’s outdoor screens that are normally used for advertising. In a short time frame, Scala India was able to get the live feed running on the screens in perfect quality.

In a joint effort, ITM and Scala India drove content to the screens using the services of a data center that was located hundreds of kilometers away from the screens. The content consisted of a continuous live broadcast of the Games combined with various advertisement spots that were shown in a 10-minute sequence alongside the broadcast.

“The broadcast of the Commonwealth Games on our outdoor screens in this short time frame could not have been possible without the guidance and astonishing support of Scala India,” said Lt. Colonel (retired) Kunwar Ajay Singh, Senior Executive Vice President, ITM.

“We are very happy with the implementation and the response it has received,” said Jahan Kadhar, Managing Director, Scala India. “The results are a reflection of the power of the Scala platform and the immense flexibility it provides for innovation. At the same time, it also shows the commitment and expertise of our team in the field of digital signage.”

While the Games’ live feed might not hold any significant commercial value for ITM, a long term strategic partnership is likely to be worked out with partners subsequent to the Games for a long-term tie-up.

The national channel is also considering plans of beaming different programs on the ITM LED screens well after the Games. Scala India is working closely with ITM to elevate the screens from being just large displays for commercials to a platform that offers advertisers and consumers an overall interactive and responsive viewing experience.

About International Technomedia

International Techno Media (ITM) is the only company in India providing information and advertising services on large outdoor video screens in New Delhi. In July 2009*, the first video screen was installed in the capital of India. Before installation of every new ITM screen, thorough research is conducted, and the most suitable location is picked up. Selected locations have big flows of people and good visual contact of the screen. The ITM video screen network is the advertising means of the new generation. Our focused clients are well-known brands and advertising agencies, and advertising on ITM video screens is efficient and reasonably priced.

About Scala

Driving more than 500,000 screens worldwide, Scala is a leading global provider of digital signage and advertising management solutions. Scala is the world’s first connected signage company, offering the leading platform for content creation, management and distribution in digital signage networks and the first unified platform for advertising management of both traditional and digital signage networks. The company’s digital signage customers include Rabobank, IKEA, Burger King, T-Mobile, Virgin MegaStore, Warner Brothers, The Life Channel, Rikstoto, Repsol, NorgesGruppen, Audi, ECE Flatmedia, Kaufhof (Metro Group) and thousands more. Advertising management customers include CBS Outdoor, Clear Channel Outdoor and Magic Media, among others. Scala is headquartered near Philadelphia, USA, and has subsidiaries in Canada, The Netherlands, France, Norway, Germany and Japan, as well as more than 450 partners in more than 60 countries. More information is available at www.scala.com.

Source: Scala

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