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Digital Signage Reduces Operational Costs for Russian Council of the Federation

Moscow, Russia – The Council of the Federation has significantly enhanced its internal communication system by launching a cutting-edge digital signage network powered by Scala, in collaboration with Scala Certified Partner Dismart. This strategic move aims to streamline information dissemination, improve efficiency, and reduce costs associated with traditional paper-based methods.

Implementation Details

Dismart, a renowned provider of digital signage solutions, selected Scala 5 as the optimal software to meet the Council’s needs. The implementation includes a five-screen network strategically placed in high-traffic areas such as near elevators, the restaurant, and outside the conference hall. This placement ensures maximum visibility and engagement from senators and government workers.

The digital signage system utilizes Scala Content Manager and Designer for content creation and translation, supported by three Scala Players for broadcasting. The screens display a variety of content including meeting schedules, discussion topics, decisions made during meetings, and news updates from both the Council and global sources.

Benefits and Future Plans

The shift to digital communication has resulted in considerable cost savings by eliminating the need for paper and printing. Moreover, it aligns with the Council’s commitment to environmental sustainability by reducing paper waste.

Looking ahead, the Council plans to enhance the system by incorporating an emergency alert component. This upgrade will transform the digital network into a crisis center, providing real-time updates and critical information during emergencies.

Positive Impact

The Council’s adoption of digital signage reflects a forward-thinking approach that not only conserves public funds but also promotes environmental protection. This initiative sets a precedent for other governmental bodies to follow suit in adopting cost-effective and eco-friendly communication strategies.

About Dismart

Founded in 2004, Dismart specializes in delivering comprehensive digital signage solutions to various sectors, including public institutions and private companies. The company provides end-to-end services from software installation to technical support and personnel training. Dismart’s notable clients include MICHELIN Russia, Russian News and Information Agency Novosti, and KD Avia, among others. Website: www.dismart.ru

About Scala

Scala is a global leader in digital signage and advertising management, driving over 500,000 screens worldwide. The company offers a robust platform for content creation, management, and distribution, serving high-profile clients such as IKEA, Burger King, and T-Mobile. Headquartered near Philadelphia, USA, Scala operates subsidiaries and partners across the globe. Website: www.scala.com

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