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First Foursquare Application for Digital Signage Networks by ScreenScape

FoursquareNew Foursquare Widget Enhances In-person Community Features of Location-based Social Network NEWS FACTS

• ScreenScape’s foursquare widget enables businesses to showcase their foursquare promotions, and to recognize and reward foursquare users, on digital displays inside their venue.
• Widget helps businesses enhance hyper-local marketing efforts and deepen customer engagement.
• ScreenScape infuses foursquare with a real-time, in-venue visual component.
• ScreenScape provides the only community-based digital signage network and has developed the first foursquare widget for digital signage.

ScreenScape, a community-based digital signage network, today announced the availability of its foursquare widget, the first foursquare application for digital signage networks. The widget empowers businesses who use both ScreenScape and foursquare to recognize and reward foursquare users in real-time by showing custom foursquare content on digital displays inside their venue. ScreenScape Members can start using the new widget today by logging into their account, as normal, and browsing to “add content”.

The market for location-based services like foursquare is still maturing, but adoption numbers are growing quickly. Foursquare currently has over 3 million registered users, and adds more than 100,000 new members a week. At the same time, marketers are still exploring how to best manage their promotional campaigns using location-based services and how to engage and reward users of the services on-premise. ScreenScape’s foursquare widget gives businesses the tools to harness foursquare for highly targeted in-venue marketing, or “hyper-local marketing,” that speaks directly to the customer and influences purchasing decisions in real-time. By acknowledging and rewarding foursquare user check-ins, venues can deepen customer loyalty and encourage them to continue to visit their venue and check-in, as well as recommend their own network of friends to do the same.
ScreenScape is built on open Internet technology and delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Businesses with multiple venues use ScreenScape to easily manage and push content out across screens in each venue. ScreenScape’s foursquare widget helps businesses more effectively manage their foursquare campaigns across venues and ensure that staff members in each location are aware of current promotions. For instance, each venue can be equipped to deliver location-specific content such as welcoming the Mayor, while all company screens can display the same foursquare promotion.
“The strength of foursquare comes from our vibrant and fast-growing community of users. When we released our API, we were searching for companies that would create new mechanisms and platforms for helping businesses better engage with and reward our community,” said Tristan Walker, Director of

Business Development for foursquare. “ScreenScape’s new foursquare widget provides a valuable tool to businesses that allows them to take customer interactions to a real-time, visual level right inside their venues. The implications for this from a marketing perspective are vast.”

Within their online account interface, ScreenScape Members can use the foursquare widget to quickly and easily customize and publish a range of foursquare slides on digital displays inside their venue. Currently, venue managers can program their displays to welcome the Mayor with their name and photo when they check-in, promote specials for foursquare users, broadcast the number of foursquare users in their venue and promote the venue’s usage of foursquare. The widget is synched with foursquare’s location-based technology so that the Mayor can be welcomed as soon as he or she checks into the venue.

Confederation Centre of the Arts is a National Historic Site of Canada that showcases the best in Canadian visual and performance arts. The Centre has been using ScreenScape since 2009 to power on-site screen displays that promote its products, services and partners to its patrons. The Centre recently began using ScreenScape’s foursquare widget to promote its foursquare theater specials.
“As a venue that relies heavily on repeat business and customer loyalty, ScreenScape has become a vital part of our marketing efforts. The availability of a ScreenScape widget for foursquare is very intriguing to us,” said Penny Walsh, Director of Marketing of the Confederation Centre of the Arts. “This widget will give us the opportunity to communicate even more directly to our most loyal patrons and provide highly targeted, meaningful rewards.”

“With the release of our new foursquare widget, ScreenScape has clearly demonstrated its uniqueness in the digital signage industry. ScreenScape-powered displays can play a key role in helping to manage location-based services and bridging the gap between online and on-site marketing. By encouraging check-ins and posting real-time messages we are able to complement location-based marketing services and deliver to our community of users another interesting way to engage with customers,” said Kevin Dwyer, president and chief executive officer of ScreenScape. “Foursquare has broken new ground with its service, and we believe ScreenScape is the perfect tool to bring it to life where it really counts – right at the point-of-sale.” For more information on ScreenScape and foursquare, please visit http://screenscape.net/foursquare. Click here to watch a live ScreenScape foursquare display.

About ScreenScape

ScreenScape is the first community-based digital signage network. Businesses of all sizes and in a range of industries use ScreenScape for digital signage, media distribution, and advertising. ScreenScape is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, enabling members to turn any Internetconnected computer or screen into a dynamic digital display. Members of ScreenScape form a collaborative community, which acts as a shared resource for content creation, exchange, crosspromotion and advertising revenue. For more information, please visit http://screenscape.com/

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