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BrightSign Streamlines Deployment for Two New Digital Sign Controllers with Built-in Wi-Fi

Turnkey Wireless Media Players Deliver Simplified Installation, Remote Content Updates, Increased Display Flexibility

BrightSign, a trusted name in digital signage solutions that are affordable and easy to use, announced at IBC today the HD210w and the HD1010w, two new solid-state media controllers with built-in Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) capabilities. Designed to speed and simplify signage deployment, BrightSign’s HD210w looping sign controller and HD1010w interactive sign controller can be connected to a wireless network without having to install cabling or an adaptor. The new media players are complete, ready-to-use high-definition signage solutions that include the hardware, software and the built-in Wi-Fi tools in a small but rugged steel enclosure that can be easily tucked out of sight. BrightSign will be demonstrating the new products in Stand DS19 at IBC this week.

“The new Wi-Fi HD players were developed in response to customer requests for networking solutions that are more mobile and more versatile, primarily for the retail market,” said Jeff Hastings, BrightSign CEO. “Our new models only require a simple power connection to run and can get content updates remotely. They save time and effort because they eliminate the need to run network cabling to spaces that normally don’t have them.”

BrightSign’s HD210w and HD1010w sign controllers both deliver simple looping playback of pristine, full HD video, images and audio as well as Wi-Fi networking for remote content updates. Both models also have an Ethernet port which allows users to synchronize multiple screens for video wall applications without requiring an internet connection. The HD1010w adds advanced interactivity with support for buttons, touch screens, LEDs, motion sensors and any GPIO or USB device. A complete set of optional accessories is also available for adding extra A/V and control ports to the HD1010w, as well as live video playback.

With built-in Wi-Fi and the BrightAuthor software, which is included free of charge with all BrightSign players, users can access their controllers from anywhere in the world through the Internet. The software and hardware make it easy to change displays and schedule timely, highly customized content to reach targeted consumers at multiple locations. BrightAuthor is a powerful PC-based application that features intuitive templates and tools for creating, updating, managing and monitoring digital signage displays.

To keep content current and engaging, users can wirelessly connect to services like Sign Channel to display text or image RSS feeds such as breaking news, local weather and even SMS text messages. By eliminating the complexity, clutter and restrictions of connecting cables, the HD210w and HD1010w provide increased deployment flexibility as digital signs can now be installed in locations where running cables is difficult. They also offer increased mobility. For example, a large reseller is looking into deploying BrightSign HD1010Ws with built-in Wi-Fi on mobile promotional carts that can be moved throughout their stores.

Like all BrightSign players, the HD210w and HD1010w are based on a PC-less, fan-less solid-state platform for high reliability and low-power consumption. They contain no failure-prone moving parts, are protected by durable steel enclosures and have been subjected to rigorous thermal and environmental stress testing.

With the new Wi-Fi models, BrightSign now offers a choice of seven stand-alone or networked digital signage solutions ranging from basic looping models to interactive controllers with live video feedback.

“BrightSign will not be offering Wi-Fi or networking on all models because we want to keep the costs down and pass the savings on to customers like museums and small businesses that don’t need these features,” said Hastings. “The HD110, HD410 and HD810 are still very popular for customers wanting stand-alone applications, and this strategy allows us to continue offering affordable solutions with a ‘pay only for the features you need’ approach.”

BrightSign will also continue to offer the standard HD210 and HD1010 networked models, which do not feature built-in Wi-Fi but support Wi-Fi through an adaptor that can be purchased separately. The standard networked models are also Ethernet network ready.

Availability, Pricing BrightSign’s new HD210w and HD1010w digital sign controllers with built-in Wi-Fi are available for preorders today and will begin shipping in October. The prices will be US$449.00 for the HD210w, compared to US$399.00 for the standard HD210 model, and US$699.00 for the HD1010w, compared to US$649.00 for the standard HD1010 model.

About BrightSign

BrightSign, LLC, based in Saratoga, California, develops products and software for digital signage. BrightSign solid-state digital sign controllers set new standards for both stand-alone and networked digital signage applications with their superior video quality, reliability, affordability, ease of use and interactivity. Online information about BrightSign units is available at www.brightsign.biz. For sales inquiries, please contact sales [at] brightsign.biz or call 408-852-9263 in the USA and +44-1223-911842 internationally.

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