Friday, September 29, 2023

AMD/MediaPOINTE Announces Modular, End-to-End Video Capture, Streaming and Distribution System

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New DMR, DVP and Ensemble Server Offer a Versatile, Cost-Effective Upgrade Path

Advanced Media Design (AMD), developer of the award-winning AV-over-IP streaming technology MediaPOINTE®, today announced a modular end-to-end video capture and distribution system that meets the varied needs of customers across diverse applications such as education, training, government, DoD, healthcare, corporate, public safety and others. The system includes software upgradeable versions of its Digital Media Recorders (DMRs), Digital Video Player (DVP) and its MediaPOINTE Ensemble server: users may purchase each component separately, use different combinations, or purchase the entire system for a scalable capture-to-watch solution. Individual components can be upgraded later to add functionality.
“The video-on-demand market is evolving from niche applications such as lecture capture to widespread employee-generated content requirements,” said Gareth Wade, vice president sales and marketing, AMD/MediaPOINTE. “Our products make it easy for employees, teachers, doctors and others to generate and distribute their own content.”

The new MediaPOINTE DMR and DMR HD start the workflow process by recording and archiving digital video from presentations, training sessions, meetings and videoconferences in standard or high definition resolution in the widely-accepted MPEG-4 format.

There are four DMR configurations designed to meet customers’ needs: MediaPOINTE’s DMR records one input at a time in standard resolution and can be upgraded to DMR Studio, which combines two video inputs for a multi-image recording; DMR HD records in both standard and high resolution (up to 1080p high definition) and can be upgraded to DMR HD Studio which combines up to three video inputs for a multi-image recording. This flexibility allows users to meet their capture, archive and streaming requirements today while providing an ongoing upgrade path as new needs arise.

Each DMR contains MediaPOINTE’s proprietary CopyMe! technology, which allows users to download content onto a DVD-ROM, USB flash drive or their PC, so users can record a session and take it with them. The new DMR HD also provides a Blu-Ray option to support larger files. With this capability, educational, healthcare and corporate customers can easily and quickly distribute copies of their content at the end of sessions.

MediaPOINTE’s new DVP extends the functionality of the DMR and DMR HD by delivering live and recorded content over public and private networks. As a standalone set-top box, users simply select and view a live or recorded event via on-screen menus, quickly and easily using a hand-held remote control. This delivers affordable Video-on-Demand (VOD) access to content anywhere within an organization or across the world.

VOD functionality can be extended to all versions of MediaPOINTE’s DMR products as a software option, so users can operate their DMR as a VOD player to access live events or recorded content from other DMRs.

As stored video content grows, the MediaPOINTE Ensemble server can organize and manage content. The DMR and DMR HD can automatically post recordings on the MediaPOINTE Ensemble server. With MediaPOINTE Ensemble, organizations can enhance and extend the use of video to deliver training, promote knowledge sharing, build communities, and facilitate decision-making.

MediaPOINTE solutions can be used in a myriad of ways across campus and across a corporation: salespeople can watch new product videos on demand; students can watch lectures by specific professors; and new employees can watch safety or training videos or meetings on their PCs, in a lecture hall or library, or even on their iPods®.

“MediaPOINTE is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers, starting with the simplest solution and providing a cost-effective upgrade path as needs diversify,” added Wade. “Our goal is to make digital recording and distribution simple, useful and cost effective, and we’re reaching that goal with these new products.”

About Advanced Media Design.
Founded in 1979, Advanced Media Design, Inc. is the leading provider of AV-over-IP solutions to the audio-visual industry for enterprise, government, healthcare, and educational applications. The company has received international recognition for the development of the acclaimed MediaPOINTE AV-over-IP platform and products, the emerging standard for visual communications and media collaboration. For more information, visit

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