Sunday, April 14, 2024

TruMedia is moving forward, now supporting Five Age Groups

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TruMedia Technologies_logoTruMedia announces that new technology and continuous software development, now allows the detection of five age groups, to deliver a more accuratePROM (Proactive Marketing) and improved TruMedia portal reports.

Great news for TruMedia partners, distributers and clients. It is formally announced, that in addition to the three already supported age groups, TruMedia can now distinguish between five age groups, within both gender categories; Delivering an ever more accurate analysis, better services, substantial progress in PROM advertising and improved segmentation capabilities, has moved TruMedia up a notch. This improvement will give a distinct advantage to anyone who chooses TruMedia products.

Proactive Digital Signage with such segmentation accuracy in real time audience detection, is an amazing feature for companies looking for advanced and accurate advertising Said Moti Gura, C.E.O. TruMedia Technologies. ?e are pushing this technology to its limits and producing fantastic results.

About TruMedia

TruMedia Technologies Inc. ( is the leading provider of real-time, automated audience measurement solutions for the out-of-home display industry. Its’ proprietary and field-tested video analytics technology measures visual attention towards posters, digital signs, TV monitors, display windows and in-store product displays. The company? solutions accurately track exposure to media, advertising and merchandise and can be used to proactively change content. Headquartered in Tampa, FL, TruMedia has sales offices and research and development facilities in Israel. The company? privacy policy ensures that it will not record, share or store any images or personally identifiable data.

Source: TruMedia

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