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TruMedia is moving forward, now supporting Five Age Groups

TruMedia Technologies Inc. has announced an upgrade to its audience measurement technology. This upgrade allows for the detection of five distinct age groups, enhancing the accuracy of its Proactive Marketing (PROM) strategies and TruMedia portal reports. Previously capable of identifying three age groups, this advancement promises to offer more precise audience segmentation and improved service delivery.

New Capabilities for Enhanced Marketing Precision

TruMedia’s latest technology upgrade introduces refined age group detection within both gender categories, bolstering its already robust audience analysis tools. This feature is set to enhance promotional efforts significantly, providing advertisers with sharper tools for targeting and message customization.

Moti Gura, CEO of TruMedia Technologies, emphasized the impact of these enhancements, stating, “Proactive Digital Signage with such segmentation accuracy in real-time audience detection is an amazing feature for companies seeking advanced and accurate advertising. We are pushing this technology to its limits and producing fantastic results.” This improvement not only marks a technical advancement but also provides TruMedia’s partners, distributors, and clients with a competitive edge in the fast-evolving digital signage market.

About TruMedia Technologies

Located in Tampa, Florida, with additional sales offices and research and development facilities in Israel, TruMedia Technologies Inc. is a leader in real-time, automated audience measurement solutions for the out-of-home display industry. The company’s cutting-edge video analytics technology is designed to measure visual attention accurately across various mediums such as posters, digital signs, TV monitors, display windows, and in-store product displays.

TruMedia’s solutions are pivotal in tracking exposure to media, advertising, and merchandise, enabling content adjustments based on real-time audience engagement. Moreover, the company adheres to strict privacy policies, ensuring no recording, sharing, or storage of personal images or identifiable data.

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