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Washington D.C.’s Gallery Place Unveils Pioneering Outdoor Digital Signage Network

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Washington D.C., April 19, 2008 – Gallery Place, the vibrant heart of Chinatown located at the intersection of 7th and H Streets NW, has taken a significant leap forward in enhancing the urban experience with the launch of the city’s first outdoor digital signage network. This innovative addition coincides with the grand opening of AT&T’s latest retail experience store, which is prominently featured on the newly installed digital billboards.

At the forefront of this digital evolution are three dynamic 8ft by 14ft full-motion video boards. Strategically positioned above the bustling Gallery Place metro stop, these boards serve as a modern gateway to the district, complementing the existing digital signage network within the Gallery Place pavilion. AT&T Mobility, seizing the opportunity for high-impact visibility, spotlighted their grand opening through these digital canvases on Saturday, effectively demonstrating the network’s potential as a marketing powerhouse.

Herbert Miller of Gallery Place Partners shares, “Our vision for the network is to elevate the community experience by offering vibrant and engaging content, alongside essential information and advertising of exceptional products and services. We’re optimistic about its impact and anticipate its burgeoning success. Over the coming weeks, expect to witness a transformation that introduces new advertisers and presents content that’s both informative and beneficial to the over 100,000 individuals passing by daily.”

In a move to blend commercial pursuits with community service, Gallery Place dedicates 10% of the network’s screen time to featuring community organizations. Notably, it shines a spotlight on entities like the Chinatown Community Cultural Center and the Alliance to Save Energy, the latter currently showcasing a public service announcement underscoring the importance of energy conservation. Rozanne Weissman, Director of Communications for the Alliance to Save Energy, expressed gratitude for the high-profile platform to advocate for energy conservation, emphasizing its relevance in today’s society.

Gallery Place stands as a bustling nexus in Washington D.C., offering a harmonious blend of business, entertainment, and residential life. With attractions such as the 14-screen Regal Cinema, Lucky Strike Lanes, a variety of restaurants including Clyde’s and Zengo, and retail outlets like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Urban Outfitters, Gallery Place presents a compelling mix of leisure and lifestyle options.

Further information can be obtained by contacting 202-558-7140, For additional inquiries, please reach out to: Jediah Jones, FaceTime Strategy Phone: 202-386-6159.

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