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Tyco Electronics Introduces the ELO TouchSystems Interactive Digital Signage Solution

Elo TouchSystems, a Tyco Electronics business, today launched at SID 2010 a new line of Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) touch systems designed to drive significant opportunities for digital display applications and development. The new IDS portfolio – which combines precision acoustic pulse recognition touch screen technology with commercial-grade, large format LCD panels – offers System Integrators, Value-Added Resellers and Software Developers a high-performance solution for the interactive enablement of large-scale digital displays in high-traffic environments.

Interactivity that Works

The new Elo TouchSystemIDS portfoliio offers the digital signage market a unique industry solution: the only display system to incorporate zero-bezel, edge-to-edge glass touch-screen technology into large-format, ruggedized panels specifically built for commercial environments. The responsive Elo TouchSystems acoustic pulse recognition (APR) touch technology – which promises consistent, rtouch functionality – is housed in a highly durable, aluminum chassis to ensure reliable interactivity and performance in almost any public-access location. Optional computer modules further optimize media bandwidth and interactivity for the delivery of highly engaging and measurable consumer content.

“Our new IDS portfolio offers the digital signage market something it hasn’t seen before: large-format. exceptionally durable display screens specifically designed for interactive touch applications,” said Mark Mendenhall, vice president Tyco Electronics and general manager Elo TouchSystems. “Elo considers touch functionality the next wave of consumer engagement and targeted out-of-home messaging – andwe believe that our IDS portfolio will significantly drive this evolution in the digital signage market by accelerating our channel partners’ adoption and competitive advantage.”

High-Grade Components

The new Elo TouchSystems IDS family features three sizes of zero-bezel Digital Signage-rated displays(vs.panels designed for home environments) measuring 32- to 46-inches. The portfolio incorporates advanced panel technologies including Samsung Electronics’ LCD Digital Information Display (DID) technology to provide a scratch resilient, aluminum frame encased solution able to withstand constant interactivity in hitraffic, public-access venues. Elo TouchSystems APR technology recognizes touch on virtually the entire screen surface, offering full-screen interface navigation regardless of how the screen is touched (finger, prosthetics, stylus or pen) and a highly efficient display canvas for almost any commercial application.

“As today’s businesses and consumers become more and more accustomed to touch interfaces on their mobile devices it becomes clear that the integration of touch will create an entirely new class of large-scale, out-of-home digital signage for retail environments,” said Scott Birnbaum, vice president, SamsuLCD Business. “Elo TouchSystems’ robust interactive IDS solution – combined with Samsung’s bright, high-contrast DID panel technology – should be a real game-changer for the digital signage industry.”

Elo TouchSystems IDS also features optional performance computer modules ideally suited for interactive media delivery and measurement. These optional computer modules run either an Intel Celeron Dual Core or Core 2 Duo processor, and slide into a dedicated bay behind the touch displaThe system is interoperable with content management servers and Web-based consoles for seamlessconnection with the Internet and applications such as multimedia sharing and electronic point-of-sale. The computer modules can support optimal partitioning of locally cached and network stored content, allowing developers to monitor and deploy content via device-to-device or Web connections.

The seamless edge-to-edge glass design of the new Elo TouchSystems IDS family facilitates dust and contaminant resistance as well as easy and cleaning. Power and monitor control functions can be locked-out to prevent tampering and speakers are built-in with audio expansion capabilities. Elo TouchSystems will showcase its new Interactive Digital Systems, along with other touch innovations, in Booth #1207 at the Society for information Display (SID) 2010 Display Week at the Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA May 23 – 28th.

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