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Captive audience networks featured at Europe’s first digital signage end-user summit

Infiniti Europe and Sovereign Bank are captive audience networks that will be featured at the Digital Signage Strategies Forum, to be held on May 4 and 5, 2010 at Earls Court in London, UK.

Financial services firms have been one of the more aggressive adopters of digital signage and for good reason. With a captive audience, the network of screens serves to reduce perceived wait time plus educate and promote products and services. Most importantly, digital signage can contribute to a customer’s overall experience.

“The branch represents a key customer engagement point in which the bank has an opportunity to establish a relationship and emphasise their distinguishable qualities,” said Bryan Meszaros of OpenEye Global, a retail media development agency located in New Jersey, USA. “It enables the bank to effectively engage the customer with targeted messages relevant to their time at the branch.”

The emphasis on engagement and relationship building is key, especially when many financial institutions are narrowly focused on individual marketing channels, creating a disconnect with their customers.

Mesazaros pointed out that effective digital signage strategies for banks should not centre around the promotion of every product or service they offer. Instead, the emphasis should be towards product education and providing advice on how the customer can benefit from their relationship with the bank.

In terms of measuring success for this particular environment, the focus is on the return on experience (ROE). “The banking experience resonates with the customer; what they see and what they experience will determine how their relationship evolves with the bank over time,” he said.

Mesazaros will be presenting a case study on Sovereign Bank, based in Pennsylvania, USA, which is a part of the Banco Santander banking group.

Across the world, digital signage has been rolled out to thousands of banking sites, includingUSA, Denmark, Germany, France and Australia.

The auto dealership is another venue where digital signage is improving the customer experience and helping to drive sales.

The Infiniti Total Ownership Experience is taking automotive shopping to a new level. Adopting a “boutique hotel” concept, the dealerships focus on a premium environment supported by tailored services and dynamic communications. Martin Jobin, interactive marketing manager will be presenting the case study.

As the first end-user event in Europe, the forum is the ideal place for both new and existing end-users of digital signage, systems integrators and solutions providers to learn and share best practices. With a cross-industry case study focused programme combined with expert sessions, attendees get the start-to-finish approach of implementing a digital signage project.

The Digital Signage Strategies Forum is being held as part of Screen Media Expo Europe.

For full event details, please visit www.digitalsignagestrategies.com

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Organised by Screen Events Ltd, Screen Media Expo Europe showcases the very best in innovative digital media used for delivering visual messages that combine the influence of mass advertising with the accuracy of niche marketing.  Launched in 2006, it attracts an audience of supplier and user communities in the digital signage and media networks Out-of-home sector.  The 2010 show will take place at London’s Earls Court, 5-6 May, and will host DOOH Expo for the first time, a dedicated show-within-a-show for stakeholders in the DOOH and advertising communities. For registration and further information, please visit www.screenevents.co.uk.

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