Sunday, September 24, 2023

Mediatile unveils world’s first ALL-IN-ONE Digital Signage and Kiosk

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Unique solution delivers the full impact of digital signage and the interactivity of a kiosk system by just adding power

KioskCom Self Service Expo / Digital Signage Show, Las Vegas, NV. MediaTile today unveiled the world’s first all-in-one digital signage and kiosk solution, with integrated cellular-broadband networking and web-based management, at the international KioskCom Self Service Expo show in Las Vegas, Nevada.The new system, MediaTile Kiosk-in-a-Box™, Marquee Edition, delivers the full impact of a large screen digital signage system and the interactivity of a kiosk system in one integrated package.Now, in one easy to deploy and use environment, retailers and brands can attract consumers to their kiosk, using video and flash playlists on a high-definition, wide-screen display, while still having all the interactivity required for their kiosk-based application.The new system can be viewed in MediaTile’s Booth #306 and in the IBM booth #518 at KioskCom / Digital Signage Show.

“Once again, MediaTile has introduced a revolutionary new promotional and communications solution for retailers, brands and corporations that are interested in attracting and engaging their target audiences,” said Keith Kelsen, CEO of The MediaTile Company.“Our new Kiosk-in-a-Box, Marquee Edition, delivers the same breakthrough in the Kiosk market that our award-winning “Digital-Sign-in-a-Box” system brought to the Digital Signage industry – a fully integrated solution that can easily be deployed and operated by simply adding power.”

In a single package, MediaTile’s Kiosk-in-a-Box, Marquee Edition includes the following, fully-integrated components:
·Commercial grade, high-def, wide-screen display available in 26”, 32” or 42”sizes
·Touch screen kiosk system available in 15”, 17” or 19” display sizes
·Optional peripherals for bar code scanning, magnetic card scanning, and printing
·Integrated cellular-broadband networking for uploading and downloading
·Web-based control and monitoring of both devices from a browser-equipped PC
·Audit trails and interactivity logging of video playlists and touch screen interactivity
·Attractive, stable and secure “Tusks II” stand
·A single power cord to… Just Add Power

MediaTile’s Kiosk-in-a-Box, Marquee Edition systems are monitored and controlled using the MediaTile Broadcast Portal.The Broadcast Portal is a hosted, web-based application that provides an extremely powerful and easy to use method of controlling and managing the entire solution.From a network of one, to thousands, you have complete control over your Digital Signs and Kiosks, all with the touch of a few buttons on your browser.On-demand 24×7, the MediaTile Broadcast Portal gives you any-time, anywhere access to your digital signage and kiosk network.

About The MediaTile Company

MediaTile is an established worldwide supplier of easy to deploy and use digital signage and kiosk solutions, and the world’s first provider of cellular-based digital signage networks. MediaTile enables retailers, brands, banks, corporate offices and narrowcasters of all types to deploy and operate digital signage networks in far more places, in much less time, and realize ROI sooner. With our unique and patent-pending cellular-based approach, our award-winning Digital-Sign-in-a-Box and web-based Broadcast Portal, we’ve made on-site network management, application software, and upgrades a thing of the past. Now you can realize all the advantages of digital signage and kiosk solutions without any of the headaches.MediaTile products and services are available worldwide through our affiliate offices.For more information

Source: Mediatile

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