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Minicom Digital Signage presents the DS Vision Wall at Digital Signage Expo powered by YCD Multimedia

Minicom Digital Signage, the leader in “last mile” player-to-screen connectivity platforms for the Digital Signage marketplace unveils the DS Vision® Wall, an innovative, Ultra High Definition (UHD) display wall solution for Digital Signage applications, at Digital Signage Expo taking place on February 23rd – 25th at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV.

Minicom Digital Signage’s new DS Vision Wall powered by YCD Multimedia will be featured on a video wall in Minicom Digital Signage’s booth. DS Vision Wall is specifically designed for in-store markets. With outstanding specs and dynamic control, venues can create a unique brand experience utilizing visual content, with flexibility and creativity.

Minicom Digital Signage DS Vision Wall can drive up to nine displays in their native HD resolution, in any shape and configuration. It comes with bezel compensation and will run with any vendor display. Furthermore, it supports most of the common multimedia file formats, resulting in major cost savings by avoiding expensive post production to adaptation of content to displays.

Minicom Digital Signage multiscreen Video Wall, integrates audio and video for unparalleled clarity and impact. The DS Vision Wall can support three, four, six, or nine Digital Signage screens of any size in any matrix, arranged in the configuration that best utilizes your space and content. Place one stunning image on a video wall and dramatically change the mood and atmosphere of the room, or use multiple targeted digital messaging images to inspire a call to action.

DS Vision Wall can be used for video, advertising and audio purposes with additional customization tools including Flash animation overlays, RSS feeds, crawls, and so on. DS Vision Wall comes in three configurations ready to go (out-of-the-box), to support three, six, or nine screens of any size, allowing for easy deployment without the need for customization. Screens can be mounted in different ways – vertically, horizontally or side by side. DS Vision Wall provides the freedom to design any matrix combination for maximum effect.

As well as the brand new DS Vision Wall, Minicom Digital Signage will also be presenting the award winning DS Vision® 3000 distribution system at the show and, in addition, Minicom Digital Signage in conjunction with the Digital Signage Association is offering free tours of the entire show from an agnostic source to participate in this free tour participants are requested to sign up at the following web address http://www.minicomdigitalsignage.com/events/dse10.cfm.

About Minicom Digital Signage

Minicom Digital Signage is the world leader in the manufacturer of advanced multimedia platforms. The company’s award winning solutions enable transmitting rich content from a media player to multiple digital displays located hundreds of meters/feet away. They also keep network costs down by reducing equipment and licensing requirements and better preserving your system. Today over a quarter of a million screens worldwide run using Minicom Digital Signage technology. A private company with over two decades of experience in providing innovative technology solutions, Minicom Digital Signage is exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of digital out-of-home multimedia platforms. As a result of its success, Minicom Digital Signage became an Intel Capital portfolio company and was selected as a Deloitte Technology Fast 500 company.

For images of the DS Vision®  Wall visit http://www.minicomdigitalsignage.com/av_ds_wall.htm?PR_DSE2

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