Thursday, October 5, 2023

Netpresenter Brings Flash and YouTube Content to Digital Signs and Screensavers

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New version of Netpresenter Digital Signage, PC screensaver and Alert Player boosted with YouTube, Flash rich media, video, animation and ticker tape functionality. Netpresenter launches Netpresenter Player 5.0, the next generation in digital signage player software. Key new feature is support for Adobe Flash content and YouTube videos, enabling delivery and playback of these content types on PC desktops, large (digital signage) screens and even mobile devices. vrouw_voor_pc Netpresenter PC Player and Screensaver >>> Users can include a broad range of dynamic content to their presentations, including Flash animations, live news feeds, live streaming video, TV channels, and even YouTube videos. It also allows the addition of smooth running, CNN like, ticker tapes to the screens, and transparent GIF images, often used for weather and traffic maps. “The new generation Player allows users to really spice up their digital signage and PC desktop presentations, screensaver and alert messages. Making a presentation come to live has never been this easy,” comments Frank Hoen, Netpresenter CEO. “The new version of the Netpresenter Player also offers so-called dashboard functionality. This ensures current database content, including sales graphs, live financial data, customer retention stats, etc, can be added to the Netpresenter presentation. “By feeding database content to Netpresenter, slides can now contain even more types of information. Many companies want to share figures on support calls handled, client wins and other corporate statistics with their employees in real-time in order to give staff the feeling they are valued and trusted. After all, research shows effective employee communication, can spell the difference between retaining employees and losing them*,” Hoen adds. PERS_995_1_WEB_KL Netpresenter Digital Signage TV Player >>> Netpresenter Player 5.0 supports all Windows versions, from Windows 2000 through to Vista, including thin clients and Windows XP Embedded. Messages can be prepared or amended via any web browser. The new version of Netpresenter’s Player software is available immediately.


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