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CAYIN Announces New Web-based Digital Signage Player SMP-WEB4

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Product photo SMP PRO4SMP WEB4SMP-WEB4 offers more flexibility in content creation and external device integration based on versatile applications.

CAYIN will release SMP-WEB4, a new fanless, web-based digital signage player at Integrated Systems Europe 2010. This will be held in the Netherlands from February 2nd-4th. Other than its powerful remote management, this new player provides users with the greatest flexibility in integration, interaction and content creation, offering superior price/performance value on the market.

SMP-WEB4, equipped with CAYIN’s optimized media player, supports most popular image file formats, audio/video codec, and HD (High Definition) video playback. Not limited to stored video, it can further play live video from a TV tuner, DVD player, or USB camera (UVC compatible).

Flexibility is one of the major highlights for SMP-WEB4. As a web-based digital signage player, it can present multimedia content created by web languages, such as HTML, JavaScript and Flash. It can also extend to integrate with database and web server, such as CAYIN xPost, which is tailored for diversified applications. xPost can be applied at a hotel’s reception, showing room rates, exchange rates and hotel promotions, at meeting rooms, showing seminar/event/wedding information, and in lobbies for showing floor plans and/or other wayfinding information.

Creating interactive digital signage system is easy with SMP-WEB4. The new player is ready for integration with a HID compliance touch panel, widening selection and hastening the deployment of interactive public display network.

SMP-WEB4 shows superior flexibility in content creation as well. CAYIN provides new Skin Editor to easily define the size and the location of each zone in a multimedia mix of video, music, Flash, image, ticker, and clock both in landscape and portrait display.

In addition to the above simple editing tool, experienced web designers can also utilize their own familiar web-editing tools, such as Dreamweaver®, to create HTML pages with the greatest flexibility. Live feed information, such as weather and news, can also be included to enrich digital signage content.

As with all CAYIN SMP digital signage players, SMP-WEB4 enables the user to edit playlist and playback schedule directly on each player respectively. For large-scale projects, CAYIN CMS server will come in handy for administrators to update content and schedule playlists of all players centrally into groups. This promises efficient management and ensures conveying information to the right customers at the right time automatically.

To reduce onsite maintenance, CAYIN SMP player is equipped with the remote control function to adjust volume and turn on/off screens manually or on a pre-set schedule. Users can even recover system remotely when necessary.

SMP-WEB4, the compact, fanless digital signage player, represents CAYIN’s continuous endeavors to provide compelling price/performance products to fulfill customers’ needs. CAYIN provides a wide selection of SMP players for users to choose based on project requirements. Monitoring and reporting software are also available upon request for advanced management.

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