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Hughes Enables Digital Signage Solution for Carrefour in Brazil

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Hughes Network Systems, LLC, globally acclaimed for its broadband satellite solutions and services, recently announced the successful installation of a HughesNet® Managed Service Solution across 108 Carrefour hypermarket locations in Brazil. This innovative initiative, commissioned by CerejaPRN, Brazil’s foremost in-store media company, leverages HughesNet broadband satellite service to facilitate Carrefour TV, aiming to transform the shopping experience for consumers.

Each participating Carrefour store is now outfitted with flat-screen panels situated in areas of high customer traffic, such as the produce and meat sections, as well as near cashier stations. The content broadcasted on these screens encompasses both editorial material and advertisements, featuring contributions from Carrefour itself along with other advertisers. This array of content, including beauty, cuisine, travel tips, technology, and sports news, is designed to engage customers, enriching their shopping journey around the clock.

CerejaPRN chose Hughes for this ambitious project due to its unmatched nationwide coverage and the high quality of its services. Flavia Sampaio, Operations Director at CerejaPRN, highlighted Hughes’ unique capability to meet the project’s operational demands and cost-effectiveness as key factors in their selection process. The two-way connectivity provided by HughesNet across Brazil enables CerejaPRN to remotely manage the entire service, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.

The HughesNet Digital Signage solution stands out for its ability to broadcast a vast amount of content simultaneously across the network, along with its bidirectional communication feature. This functionality not only facilitates content delivery but also allows CerejaPRN to monitor each supermarket remotely, offering advanced reporting and reliability measures that reassure advertisers of their message’s impact at the point of purchase.

Fabio Riccetto, Sales Director at Hughes in Brazil, expressed enthusiasm about the project, emphasizing the potential of the HughesNet solution to enhance customer satisfaction, differentiate the shopping experience, and ultimately boost sales. This partnership with CerejaPRN’s retail media solutions underscores Hughes’ commitment to providing superior network coverage and quality in a cost-effective manner.

Carrefour’s new digital retail media network introduces three distinct channels: the Storewide channel for high traffic areas, the Checkout channel for entertainment and information at checkout lines, and the VideoWall channel in the electronics section for showcasing new technologies.

The collaboration between Cereja Digital and Premier Retail Networks (PRN), a subsidiary of Thomson SA, through this joint venture, aims to revolutionize in-store advertising with audiovisual digital media at the point of purchase (POP). With PRN’s entry into the Brazilian market, the company expands its global footprint, building on its reputation as a leader in retail media networks, now reaching over 300 million viewers monthly.

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