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AIS Releases Low Cost Non-PC Digital Signage Players Supporting Scala Content Manager 5 Release 5 for Complete Networked Digital Signage Solutions

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AIS SVS 2101 Full HD Digital Signage Media PlayerAIS SVS 2101 Network Media PlayerAmerican Industrial Systems, Inc. (AIS) releases a new line of Digital Signage Media Appliances powered by IAdea firmware supporting the latest Scala Content Manager 5 Release 5 Software, empowering users to distribute digital signage content from any internet-connected computer. Traditionally Scala has been limited to PC based hardware, but with Release 5, Scala has changed the game by offering lower cost non-PC (RISC) based hardware solutions providing a lower barrier of entry for customers. AIS™ RISC based players are available in two variations, the IAdea SD (SVS-2101) player which supports video, still images, and sound and the IAdea HD (SVS-2103) player which has all the features SD player, but with the added ability to run HD content. Give patrons control of the experience through the addition of interactive touchscreens and pushbuttons mated with AIS displays and Dakota Audio Focus Audio Speakers. Providing audio/visual digital signage for museums is fraught with challenges. Many times the spaces are open with little or no acoustic isolation between exhibits. Fortunately, with AIS Digital Signage Display with optional privacy filters and Dakota Audio directional audio arrays, it makes deploying a complete solution simple and effortless.

Scala Content Manager is a server-based application that schedules and manages the transmissions of multimedia content to multiple digital signage players and signage displays. Advertising, news, training or any other visual communication can be easily distributed to AIS™ digital signage players via standard Windows-based networks. With Scala Enabled digital players, content can be routed to the intended Players automatically or per your schedule.

AIS™ Scala Enabled digital network players are managed just like PCs on the same Scala network. Heart-beats, play-logs, and content scheduling are handled using the same easy-to-use Scala Content Manager web-based user interface.

Scala Content Manager Server WANScala™s powerful ad management, scheduling, distribution and playback have always been oriented towards visual digital signage. Starting with Release 5, Scala supports audio-only channels, which can be used for background music, in-store audio and more. The major benefit is another channel of audio from a Scala Player at no extra cost. Scala will also offer an audio-only license at a lower cost for those who do not require a video license. This flexible offering serves as an entry path into full Scala digital signage for customers whose initial need is audio only.

Release 5 also features improved player health monitoring that helps users diagnose problems on their digital signage network more easily. The player health screens in Content Manager have been reworked to display better information more prominently. The improved summary gives a clearer and more versatile view of player and network health.

AIS™ Digital Signage Appliances supporting Scala has opened up the doors and lowered the barrier of entry for Digital Signage. Paring AIS™ lower cost digital signage players with Scala™s industry leading content management software provides significant savings over the PC based alternative. AIS™ Scala Enabled digital signage players can extend your market reach without limitations.

AIS HD Network Player (SVS-2103) $599 MSRP; SD Network Player (SVS-2101) $249 MSRP

Features & Benefits:

* Scala Content Manager 5 Release 5 Support
* File Formats Supported (SD): MPEG-1,2,4 ASP, JPEG, MP3
* File Formats Supported (HD): MPEG-1,2,4 ASP, H.264, WMV 9/VC-1, JPEG, PNG, MP3
* Lower power, fanless and silent operation (zero-dB!) for 24/7 operation
* RISC based embedded network digital signage media player
* VESA mount and compact industrial grade mechanical designs for professional signage installations
* HDMI 1.2 Full-HD 1080p
* Solid state industrial grade mechanism

About American Industrial Systems Inc.

AIS is a leading global designer and manufacturer of specialty digital signage, industrial panel pc, industrial automation and industrial displays solutions for customers in the healthcare, higher education, museums, retail, financial, transportation, hospitality, casinos, convention centers & sporting arenas, automotive dealerships, quick-service restaurants and industrial markets. Whether your vision involves off-the-shelf digital signage systems or highly customized embedded computing solutions, AIS can supply the experience, technology, and resources you need to build it right and get you to market first. For additional information on AIS products and services, please call AIS toll-free at (888) 485-6688 or visit:

Source: American Industrial Systems

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