Wednesday, April 24, 2024

NEC and Magnetic Media Unveil Groundbreaking 3D Display Technology

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NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. has joined forces with Magnetic Media Holdings Inc. to introduce a cutting-edge 3D video content display technology. Utilizing Magnetic’s proprietary Enabl3D technology, this partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital advertising, offering an immersive viewing experience without the need for special glasses.

Revealed at the recent Digital Signage Expo, the collaboration showcased a 57-inch 3D-enabled display designed specifically for retail digital signage applications. This demonstration provided the industry with its first look at a technology capable of bringing digital content to life, projecting images more than a foot off the screen and into the viewing space.

Enabl3D technology represents a significant advancement in the way advertisers can engage consumers. In today’s world, where media saturation makes it increasingly difficult to capture and hold the audience’s attention, this innovative approach allows messages to cut through the noise. According to Jeff Blankensop, Director of Business Development at NEC Display Solutions, “This exciting new 3D technology is poised to revolutionize the digital signage industry.” He emphasized the growing demand among network operators and systems integrators for content that stands out from conventional 2D displays.

The strategic partnership between NEC and Magnetic Media not only enhances the visual impact of digital signage but also addresses a critical challenge in the widespread adoption of 3D technology: the availability of compatible content. With the ability to display both 2D and 3D content with minimal loss of resolution, the solution provided by Magnetic’s Enabl3D technology simplifies the transition for content creators and advertisers alike.

Tom Zerega, CEO of Magnetic, views this development as a pivotal moment for the industry. “The next big thing is 3D,” he stated, underscoring the past hurdles related to content availability that hindered the adoption of 3D formats. Magnetic’s solution effectively eliminates these barriers, facilitating a seamless integration of 3D content into mainstream media channels.

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