June 7, 2023


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Provision Interactive debuts responsive second-gen interactive 3D product

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Provision Interactive Technologies_logoProvision Interactive Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Provision Holding, Inc., announced that its second-generation proprietary “Air Touch” technology interface has debuted with the company’s patented 3D holographic display. A combination of hardware and software, the new system has the potential to radically change human-machine interfaces with its fine-gesture recognition capability.

With the simple movement of a person’s hand, their finger becomes a virtual computer mouse with the ability to manipulate 3D holograms floating in space. By depressing your finger, Provision’s technology recognizes that movement as a “mouse click.”

“This second-generation system creates a whole new level of consumer interaction that does not exist today in the digital advertising and merchandising industries,” said Curt Thornton, president and CEO of Provision. “Consumers can now truly interact and manipulate Provision’s 3D holograms, bringing computer interactions that were only possible in sci-fi movies to life.”

As consumers become the interface, the specific application will determine how the inputs work; motion can be navigated with one finger, hand or even the entire body through three-dimensional movement.

Provision has demonstrated the technology to several customers looking to develop unique solutions and applications. The new system was built initially for use in retail applications, but will eventually be used in conjunction with the company’s consumer product line.

Source: Provision Interactive Technologies