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Enhanced performance and security – New built-in PCs for NEC public displays

Second-generation integrated PC solutions offer even greater flexibility with reduced energy consumption

NEC Display Solutions is proud to present three newly improved designs for its successful built-in PCs which have been optimised for even better performance in the Option Slot of NEC public displays. The completely stand-alone PC units additionally now consume less power whilst still offering even higher performance capability.  Built-in PCs are particularly ideal for airports and train stations, for double (back-to-back) installations in retail spaces, or within smaller presentation areas, as they can be installed without the need for any cabling and can operate independently of content-provision devices.

Alongside a new Intel® Celeron™ 1.2 processor model for light retail signage NEC enables customers using high performance software to outstanding digital signage applications providing a high end Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 1.86 processor model with improved graphics performance. The manufacturer is additionally now offering an Intel® Atom™ processor with SSD (solid-state disk) dedicated for transportation environment and light signage applications. All three new models support full-HD resolution, whilst the operating system remains Windows XP Embedded with the built-in PCs also continuing to maintain Linux-compatibility.

Power consumption has been significantly reduced as compared with the previous models and is less than 1/10 of a desktop PC. The model featuring the Intel® Atom™ CPU even doesn’t require active cooling, so that alongside its standard SSD hard drive it now offers a new standard in reliability over the total lifetime of the device due to its total avoidance of any moving parts. Even better energy efficiency can also be achieved by keeping the displays switched off for nightly updates whilst keeping the built-in PC running.

The NEC built-in PCs additionally offer numerous connection options. Three USB 2.0 ports ensure the option of connecting PC peripherals, whilst access to intranets and the internet is enabled by the integrated Gigabit Ethernet port. The ExpressCard slot also offers the possibility of accessing UMTS, WLAN or DVB-T, whilst connecting a second LCD display can also be easily accomplished using the DVI-I output port. Access to the free NEC NaviSet® Administrator software to allow adjustment of the numerous display settings is additionally enabled by the available internal RS232 interface.


The NEC built-in PCs are available from August 2009 for the following NEC public displays: MULTEOS M40 and MULTEOS M46, NEC MultiSync® LCD4020, MultiSync® LCD4620 and MultiSync® LCD5220, as well as NEC MultiSync® LCD6520 in its portrait or landscape variants, NEC MultiSync® X461UN and NEC MultiSync® X461HB. Included in the NEC built-in PC package is the Windows XP Embedded (XPe) operating system. NEC Display Solutions offers a three-year guarantee for the respective public display as well as for the built-in PC.

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