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Miniweb and Bristol Interactive Combine to Bring High Definition and Access to Internet Video Content on the TV

New, all-in-one, LCD Freeview television provides the best of broadcast programming with Internet TV & radio, video-on-demand and interactive information services

Bristol Interactive Technology, the television manufacturer and Miniweb, the Interactive Service Provider today announced the integration of Miniweb’s interactive software within a new range of Bristol HD ready digital televisions. The Bristol devices have been designed to provide UK consumers with exciting, enhanced viewing services, using Miniweb’s TV software and interactive platform technology that enables a converged broadband video and Freeview entertainment experience.

“TV viewers are increasingly aware of online content such as catch up TV services and user generated content. They expect to be able to access these directly from their TV, instead of using their PC or having to buy a set-top box,” says Paul Fellows, CEO, Bristol Interactive Technology. “Our partnership with Miniweb makes it easy for viewers to enjoy the best of broadcast digital TV services and online video on the same TV screen. Now viewers can simply connect a Miniweb equipped Bristol television to their broadband connection, gaining immediate access to millions of hours of internet video enabled by Miniweb’s internet gateway and services software. It’s the seamless integration of TV, community and online services combined with ease of use which makes this solution so special and attractive for TV viewers.”

“Adding Miniweb’s interactive functionality to Bristol’s range of flat screen, HD ready TVs provides consumers with the simplest and most powerful way to benefit from and enjoy a fully converged broadcast and broadband experience on the main screen in the house,“ says Andrew Carver, CEO, Miniweb Interactive. “Providing a converged viewing experience in the home is the biggest advance since the introduction of colour TV. Miniweb provides viewers with access to enhanced and relevant online content to complement the TV channel being watched. Together with Bristol Interactive, we’re making it easy for viewers to enjoy a new TV experience allowing them to choose the best mix of broadcast and broadband delivered video content to suit their viewing preferences – all from the comfort of their sofa without the need for a PC or additional set-top box.”

Source: Miniweb

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