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LodgeNet Launches New “IPTV+” Solution Powered By Apple Mac mini

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LodgeNet_logoDelivers Unique Guest Experience and Expanded Features Supported By Apple® Technology

LodgeNet Interactive Corporation, the leading provider of media and connectivity solutions to the hospitality industry, announced that it is  demonstrating a new in-room entertainment solution at HITEC 2009 that integrates the Apple® Mac mini with the LodgeNet High-Definition (HD) Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) platform. This unique new product, “LodgeNet IPTV+”, joins the power of a computer with the convenience of television, and delivers a rich new user experience that combines Apple’s industry leading graphics capabilities and applications support with LodgeNet’s proven content management and delivery solutions.

LodgeNet IPTV+ presents hoteliers with an entirely new set of capabilities to create compelling in-room interactive experiences, and provides an exceptional new opportunity to communicate brand messages to their guests, deliver entertainment, present hotel information, and even support the sale of hotel products and services through in-room technology. Leveraging the capabilities of both the Apple® Mac mini and LodgeNet’s HDTV technology, this new solution provides access to a broad selection of on demand entertainment content and programming, offers an Interactive Programming Guide with new content search features, supports delivery of TV- and Web-based entertainment and provides a platform for the development of next-generation interactive applications.

In addition to the unique new capabilities that the solution will provide in its base configuration, LodgeNet IPTV+ offers hoteliers the option to create a variety of customized applications which can be developed upon request. LodgeNet will work with hoteliers to design specific features and services that meet their unique needs, and will work in partnership to develop these custom solutions and integrate them with property level systems. Specific opportunities for new development include branded graphics packages, custom content and programming, and integrated applications such as in-room dining, spa and golf booking, and integration to marketing programs.

To maximize the opportunities provided by the Mac mini platform, LodgeNet has designed the solution to leverage Apple’s  Core Animation Technology as well as the processing power of the new NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processer. This design enables LodgeNet IPTV+ to provide compelling new user experiences including robust animated effects and extensive image and video layering features. Also, by choosing the new Mac mini as part of its solution, LodgeNet is offering its customers an environmentally friendly solution for in-room processing that meets the EPA’s new Energy Start 5.0 specification, and which features a new energy-saving function that consumes less than 13 watts in idle mode.

“LodgeNet IPTV+ is designed specifically for hoteliers who want to create differentiated guest experiences that are as unique as their properties,” said Scott E. Young, President of Hospitality for LodgeNet. “Also, LodgeNet IPTV+ provides a great solution for hotels that want to ensure that their in-room technology solutions are environmentally responsible,” he added. “The power of the Mac mini in the guest room, coupled with LodgeNet’s proven and reliable content delivery capabilities, creates a new solution that offers a distinctive look and feel, and provides new functionality and performance that we believe is superior to any other interactive TV platform available today.”

The LodgeNet IPTV+ solution will be compatible with the new LodgeNet360TM product, which offers customers the option to contract with LodgeNet to provide a converged service for media and connectivity technology (Free-To-Guest, Interactive TV, Broadband, Telephony, Digital Signage and In-Room Integration) running on a single IP network.  LodgeNet360 and LodgeNet IPTV+ serve as the most recent examples of the company’s continued record of technology innovation, and demonstrate LodgeNet’s unmatched capability to design and deliver solutions that meet the specialized and demanding requirements of the hospitality industry.

Source: LodgeNet

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