June 7, 2023


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New version of Dise

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Karlstad, Sweden – Klocktornet AB is shipping a new and enhanced version of Dise, the real-time digital signage package.

Dise is a powerful system for digital signage applications that includes Composer, Bridge and Replay. With Dise you can compose exciting presentations combining dynamic and static content with real-time motion graphics effects. The result can then be scheduled and distributed to remote players.
With Dise it is possible to create dynamic channels that automatically change the content and the playback of the presentations at the player site.
One of Dise acclaimed features is its real-time playback software engine enabling multiple layers of video objects, with scheduling and effects such as movement of objects and transparency. Channels and Presentations can be multi-layered.

-“Our goal when we designed Dise was that it should enable smooth broadcast quality playback, fit many different installation scenarios and at the same time be easy to use. The user shall also be able to quickly change both content and layout and import many different media types”, says CEO Urban Blomquist.

Source: Displayevolution.com