Saturday, March 2, 2024

PPDS Publisher App Set to Transform Philips B-Line 4K Business TVs with Advanced Content Control and Scheduling

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PPDS, the global provider of Philips Professional Displays and AV software solutions, proudly announces the global launch of the ‘PPDS Publisher’ app. Making its debut at ISE 2024, this app is set to revolutionize how businesses create and schedule content on Philips B-Line 4K Business TVs.

The PPDS Publisher app, innovatively designed for effortless content creation and seamless wireless sharing, enhances the capabilities of Philips B-Line Business TVs. As a part of PPDS’ ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to its customers, the app was developed in-house in consultation with partners and customers, making it the industry’s most advanced and intuitive application for managing visual communication and creative content.

Philips B-Line Business TV Series, available in sizes from 43” to 75”, represents a versatile and flexible range of displays from PPDS, perfectly balancing entertainment and informational content. These TVs adeptly double as digital signage solutions, suitable for diverse business settings including offices, bars, cafes, gyms, sports clubs, and medical waiting rooms.

Your Display, Your Content: Integrated into all new Philips B-Line Business TVs, and available for existing models via a complimentary software update, the PPDS Publisher app requires no special training for use. The app can be easily downloaded at no cost from the App Store and Google Play Store and connected to a network of TVs using smart devices like smartphones and tablets.

The PPDS Publisher platform provides an extensive range of content creation tools, complemented by a variety of customizable templates. Users can choose to utilize the entire screen for their content or combine it with other media forms, such as live sports events.

Right on Schedule: Elevating the standard of content scheduling, the PPDS Publisher app allows for the precise timing of content displays, catering to specific business needs like bar promotions, restaurant specials, retail discounts, or office celebrations. The app facilitates the management of content playlists, duration settings, continuous looping, and slideshow presentations, along with the capability to instantly create and display real-time content, all controlled securely from a single device.

Innovation Meets Customer Needs: Jan van Hecke, Global Product Manager, Professional TV at PPDS, highlights the company’s unwavering dedication to fulfilling customer requirements through both hardware and software advancements. “PPDS Publisher is a manifestation of our mission to support businesses by providing them with the tools and freedom to act swiftly and effectively. This app exemplifies our promise to deliver more than just displays, creating solutions that enhance the use of Philips B-Line Business TVs and unlock new creative and business potentials.”

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