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EasySignage now available for Vestel Digital Signage Displays

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EasySignage, has announced its integration with Vestel Digital Signage, a renowned technology from one of Turkey’s top electronics companies, Vestel. This partnership offers businesses an enhanced digital signage experience, combining the expertise of Vestel in high-quality display production with the simplicity and efficiency of EasySignage’s platform.

Vestel Digital Signage, particularly the Vestel Android SoC (System on Chip) displays, integrates a display screen and an Android operating system into a single device. This integration simplifies the digital signage process for businesses, allowing them to manage content effectively without needing external media players. The Vestel Android SoC displays boast 4K resolution, high brightness, and multiple connectivity options, making them ideal for various sectors, including retail, entertainment, corporate, transportation, and more.

EasySignage supports all Android-based Vestel digital signage displays, including the Extreme+ Series, Prime+ Series, High Haze Line, and Entry Plus Signage Displays. The EasySignage software offers a range of solutions for different industries such as education, healthcare, retail, hospitality, and advertising, enhancing communication and brand promotion.

Installing EasySignage on Vestel Android Digital Signage is straightforward, involving downloading the EasySignage APK file, setting up the Vestel TV, installing from USB, adjusting power-up settings, and displaying a Hash ID for registration. This integration aims to provide customers with a seamless, efficient, and visually appealing digital signage solution, promising enhanced market presence and communication effectiveness for businesses​.

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