Sunday, December 10, 2023

WireSpring announces major upgrades to FireCast digital signage and kiosk software

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New version drives up to four separate screens from each player and provides time-saving content management tools

Fort Lauderdale – Deployed by companies like Wal-Mart, P&G and BP, WireSpring’s FireCast software powers thousands of self-service kiosks and digital signage screens worldwide. Today the company announced a major upgrade to its Linux-based software platform, while improving upon the ease-of-use, reliability, and tight integration that the company is known for.

“We’ve been listening to customer feedback and studying the market for over seven years,” said WireSpring CEO Bill Gerba. “The new version of FireCast helps customers create even more striking displays, while reducing the time and cost of operating their networks.”

New features in the FireCast OS playback software include:

• Multi-channel video output allows customers to drive up to four separate screens from a single player, with a multi-zone layout on each screen

• Dynamic templates make it easy to combine content and information on-the-fly

• Other new features include multiple tickers on the screen at once, layered playback zones, duration detection for all content types, live TV on rotated screens, and smoother playback of Windows Media files

New features in the FireCast ClientCenter content management software include:

• A more efficient Playlist Editor that lets customers drag-and-drop files, choose which files will appear full-screen, and specify the start/end date, start/end time, and days of the week for each ad

• An expanded File Manager that provides centralized access to content, playlists, and reports

• The ability to display AccuWeather content by choosing it from the Playlist Editor

“We’re very happy with the performance of the new FireCast release,” said Kim Zetterberg, President of Frontcast Media. “The multi-channel video output has simplified the installation process and lowered our costs for out-of-home advertising projects,” he continued, “and our customers tell us the new playlist tools are saving them time every day.”

Unlike other software packages, FireCast provides a greatly simplified experience for network operators and system integrators because everything is included on a single disk. This translates to increased productivity and lower total cost of ownership. FireCast installs onto a brand-new media player or kiosk in about six minutes, without the need for a separate Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system, third-party drivers and security software, or other time-consuming add-ons. The entire remote management system is hosted by WireSpring, so there are no servers to buy or maintain. Though primarily a software company, WireSpring also offers media player hardware and project management services.

The upgrades to FireCast ClientCenter were released in October 2007. FireCast OS 4.0 is available now, and current customers can download it from the ClientCenter website.

In addition to developing its software products, WireSpring invests heavily in market research and education, with new findings and tips published regularly on the company’s blog.


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