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Cetol’s Digital Outdoor Advertising Campaign in Argentina with Taggify

Maximizing Impact with Programmatic Technology: How Cetol Leveraged Taggify's DOOH Platform for Advertising Success

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Cetol, a renowned brand under AkzoNobel, embarked on a digital outdoor advertising campaign in Argentina. Leveraging the sophisticated capabilities of the Taggify platform and the strategic insights of Kinesso agency, Cetol aimed to amplify the visibility and appeal of its premium wood protector product. This case study explores the campaign’s strategic framework, execution, and the impressive outcomes that underscore the efficacy of innovative advertising in the digital era.


Cetol, celebrated for its high-quality wood protection solutions, faced the challenge of elevating its market presence in the dynamic and competitive Argentine market. The primary objective was to highlight the unique qualities of Cetol’s wood protector, renowned for its natural shine and robust wood preservation properties.

Campaign Strategy

The campaign hinged on a multi-faceted strategy, tailored to maximize impact and audience engagement across diverse Argentine locales. Key elements of the strategy included:

  1. Geographic Focus: The campaign was strategically rolled out in prominent Argentine regions, including Greater Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, and other major cities, aiming for a broad yet targeted reach.
  2. Dynamic Creatives: Employing motion video content, the campaign captured the attention of a mobile audience, with the creatives meticulously timed to coincide with peak traffic, optimizing viewer engagement.
  3. Interactive Engagement: The campaign innovatively integrated an interactive hashtag (#Concetolduramas), fostering audience interaction and enhancing brand recall.


The execution phase involved a coordinated effort across various platforms, leveraging Taggify’s advanced digital outdoor advertising capabilities. The campaign’s visual and interactive elements were meticulously calibrated to resonate with the target audience, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Results and Impact

The campaign achieved remarkable results over its three-month duration, from September to November. Key metrics include:

  • Extensive Reach: The campaign reached an estimated 4,791,959 people, signifying a massive audience engagement.
  • High Impression Count: A total of 20,493 impressions were recorded, indicating a strong presence across the selected geographic locations.

These results highlight the campaign’s success in not only reaching a vast audience but also in creating significant brand awareness and engagement.


Cetol’s digital outdoor advertising campaign in Argentina exemplifies the potential of integrating traditional advertising with digital innovation. By effectively utilizing the Taggify platform and Kinesso’s expertise, Cetol managed to create a highly engaging and successful campaign. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of targeted, creative, and interactive marketing strategies in today’s digital landscape, providing valuable insights for future advertising endeavors.

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