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Showcase Cinemas Transforms Movie-Going Experience with Philips Digital Signage

Philips Digital Signage's Impact on Showcase Cinemas

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PPDS, the global provider of Philips Professional Displays, and DEEL Media, a digital signage solutions specialist, have successfully upgraded the visual experience at Showcase Cinemas in the United States. The installation of 568 remotely managed 4K Philips digital signage and videowall units in all 22 Showcase Cinemas has aimed to revitalize the visual aesthetics of the theaters and enhance communication, ultimately boosting revenues.

Background: A Cinematic Legacy

Showcase Cinemas, founded in 1936 in Dedham, Massachusetts, is a well-established player in the motion picture exhibition industry. With 76 venues operating almost 1,000 screens across the US, UK, Brazil, and Argentina, Showcase Cinemas is known for its commitment to comfort and quality, offering a diverse range of dining options and innovative in-theater services.

The Challenge: A Digital Refresh

As part of a major refresh initiative for all Showcase Cinemas in the US, the company sought to replace its aging display network. DEEL Media, a PPDS partner, was tasked with transforming the visual experience for movie-goers, establishing consistent communication across all locations, and creating new revenue opportunities.

The Solution: Philips Signage D-Line and Videowall X-Line

After careful consideration and site visits, DEEL Media selected and installed 549 Philips Signage D-Line 4K UHD digital displays (43”-75”) and 19 Philips Videowall X-Line (49”-55”) displays. These units were strategically placed in all Showcase Cinemas lobby areas and along corridors leading to each theater screen, replacing the previous disparate approach to displays with a unified and consistent solution. The flexibility and versatility of Philips X-Line and D-Line displays, coupled with their powerful 4K screens, ensured optimal performance in any lighting condition.

Connected Experiences: A Digital Enhancement

The implementation of Philips Signage D-Line and Videowall X-Line displays, supported by DEEL Media’s proprietary ‘Carbon™’ content management system, introduced a wave of digital content and information. Paper-based messaging was eliminated, and visitors now enjoy a constant feed of box office information, movie trailers, wayfinding, and extensive branding and marketing opportunities. The main food concession kiosks, featuring an array of connected Philips Signage D-Line displays, became the centerpiece with dynamic digital menu boards showcasing visuals, pricing, calories, and deals, leading to a 20 percent increase in food and beverage sales.

Success and Future Prospects

Despite a tight deadline, the project was completed on time, earning praise for overcoming challenges and exceeding ambitions. Bruce Wyrwitzke, Director of Sales NA at PPDS, highlighted the success of the project, emphasizing the positive impact of Philips digital signage solutions on visitor experiences and increased profits.

Vik Joshi, Assistant Vice President of Retail Technologies at Showcase Cinemas US, expressed satisfaction with the quality and capabilities of the solution, describing the transition as seamless. Jacob Volk, Executive Vice President of Client Services at DEEL Media, emphasized the standout choices of Philips displays and the ease of managing digital signage across all theaters.

Conclusion: A Seamless Transition to the Future

The Showcase Cinemas project stands as a testament to the transformative power of cutting-edge digital signage solutions. PPDS and DEEL Media, through their collaboration, have not only refreshed the visual landscape of Showcase Cinemas but have also created new revenue streams and enhanced the overall movie-going experience. The success of this project positions Philips digital signage as a leader in the industry, providing a template for other theaters looking to update and modernize their facilities.

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